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GoSweepp Trash Valet Services

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 1402 Commerce Ave

GoSweepp Trash Valet Services Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2019

Have tried to help this young man out for years and never loaning him money as he was and is terrible with cash. every venture set up for him turned into disaster after disaster.

so after some time apart he informed me of a buisness that he started doing trash valet service for apartment companies. and was getting contracts for 8000.00 up to15000.00 for year long contracts. he seemed to be truthful.

One night his only vehicle was impounded while doing trash pickup in an apartment and he called and begged for help.

I did not want to but did based on apromise of him waiting on a check that was due any day and he promissed payment on arrival it been seven months now and he has blocked me from his phones and clearly isnt paying the five hundred he owes.

That was my bill money and i explained this to him and he understood how important it was to get back.

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