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GoodGuySwag, LLC

Country United States
State California
City Sherman Oaks
Address 13214 Moorpark St. #203
Phone 417-496-5550

GoodGuySwag, LLC Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2015

Kris Wolfe who is the creator of Good Guy Swag which is "supposed to help guys" has serious and severe issues that affect him as a person that shows that he is one person who should never be believed as a person as a whole. These issues are:

1. Being Unrelatable: He believes that he can relate to All "average guys." This is a complete pack of Lies to the core. The reason being is that SOME average men neither have the looks or the same physique that he has nor the same resource capabilities that he has such as the Same bank account, job, career, home, etc.

Therefore his Lie that he can totally relate to All average men is a totally preposterous notion and ludicrous to say the least.

It is a misrepresentation that is full of Evil misinformation. His belief that an average man can get a supremely beautiful woman like he has without having the same resource capabilities that he has acquired is not a completely workable theory since the judgment of one's looks may come into play by such a woman.

In addition how can he relate to other men who let's say who are in an interracial relationship with someone when his female partner and him refused such and decided to form a one-race or a similar race relationship instead. What experiential knowledge does he have in terms of being in an interracial relationship himself personally that can help these individuals. The answer is Absolute Zero and with that in mind he therefore again should not be believed.

He also cannot relate to Black men who are with Black women since he himself is Not Black.

2. Discrimination: He is a completely untrue when it comes to portrayals of nonwhite men (such as African-American men being with white women). There is Great Resistance and Opposition against this on his site known as Good Guy Swag which indeed reveals how racist minded he truly indeed is. The fact of the matter is that Kris Wolfe fails to admit that his female partner who happens to be white did indeed practice racist discrimination because by her accepting him who was white she was in fact rejecting All men who were nonwhite including African-American men.

Another issue of being unrelatable also comes into play because he says he has addressed racism by dealing with fraternities (organizational racism) he has come from but yet contradicts himself in terms of not having several portrayals on his site of nonwhite men being with white women. Racists are always contradictory.

Kris Wolfe is a Completely Untrue Person who is full of serious misrepresentation and therefore as stated before should never be believed.

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