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Good Deal Realty Inc

Country United States
State California
City Victorville
Address 12402 Industrial Center Dr
Phone 760-951-9050

Good Deal Realty Inc Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2017

Back in the mid June 2013, we decided to look for a place to spend the rest of our lives , away from the city lives and the beaches traffic that can be more annoying than intriguing. We look ed around on the internet through all the real estate websites. We found the city of Victor ville became our best options. We left a message on a number for an agent from the websites to contacted us about our interests in buying a house in the city of Victor ville California, county of San Bernardino . The following day, we received a call from Mr. Steve Williams , an RE Agent from Good deal reality. We discussed about the exact details of what we were looking for etc., including budget wise. We made an arrangement to meet the following day , along with his $1,500.00 initial required for him to started looking for what we discussed and agreed upon over the phone conversation. By the way, keep in mind we are first time buyers. We had no experience in whatever in the process of buying a house.

When we met at the the office Good deal realty, we paid him his first initial fees of $1,500.00. He took us to our first house to bid on. We took a tour through out the property, the house is exactly what we had in mind. Perfect , the back yard was not, but we could live with it. He told us the house went for $75,000. He asked if we want to bit higher than seventy-five. We thought for a minute, all of sudden we have other people showed up to looked at the house. We got worried and nervous of losing the house we bid $80,000. We went home after our first bid , with brochure of his listings in black and white, not color. Did not even crossed our mind. We were just too eager ed too excited for our new journey of looking for a house. We trusted him and the company that our first experience looking for a home is saved with them. We'RE honest people. We believed everyone would do the same, and I it's what called naive. In addition, our deals was to paid cash.

So, the next following day, Mr. Steve Williams called to told us that the investors bidded higher than ours, we already told him our limit was $85,000, no more. But still tried to see if we could go higher than our limits. This the beginning of our nightmare we could not see it coming but as naive as we were, still believed we were in a good hand.

First nightmare, driving 60 miles up, 60 miles back, with the total mileage of 120 miles a day. From mid June to August 19, 2013, that was too much with the smoldering heat looking for our dreams house that will be better than what he had for us on his black and white listings. They were old unattractive and fixer upper. This was never part of our deals and the promised he made to find us a good home. Instead, it took a different turns we still did not know any better. Everytime, we found our dream house through trials, we bid on it, he'lol come back and said to bid high, investors got it. We still did not see the signs. With all the foreclosures and house kept putting on the market nice and beautiful, and here he took us out on a wild goose chase, chasing his trapped to fell right into it and we did. As exhausted as we were, too tired almost gave up when he finally took us to this house he had or they had reserved for us to last minutes of our last nerves. After he took us back to the other house that has potential but tiny 875 square feet, no garage, every rooms is tiny. I don't like it but other half thinks if nothing else it will be this one. It is almost the end of August, we have to moved out from our place, we desperately needed a place to move in. My brain tumors started to kicks I went inside the car literally crying with the headaches. Jeff called Steve at his office and told him were heading homes, my tumors is acting up. Right away, he could have waited for another day, but told my other half there is a new house just coming up on the market and that we should wait a little longer he hates to see us missed out on this one. Forget about my headaches. My other half asked what should we do. I said we wait.

We went back to good deal realty to wait for Steve for another 30 minutes, the sun is started to drifted away, He was supposed to take us to the house but he took another turned out on some unpaved road for one last teased and disgusted, he stopped and said he wanted before he finished, I quickly said no, we'RE interested. He said OK followed me to the house. As we finally go to the house, the house looks promising than all the house he showed us. 18,000 aware feet lot perfect for our 5hairy legged babies to run around . He told us condition with the sale is as is. We ask what he meant by as is. He said the roof is about 55 square feet need fixing, and as you can see, the floor needs new carpet that is "as is.". We thought it's no big deal if that's the only case we will take care of it. We need a place to move to. So, he told us the house was up for $87,000. We went for broke thinking to locked the bid before investors beat us to it, we bid 97,000. We went home after that hoping this time no investors beat us on this one.

We went home on the 19 of August we got a call from Mr. Steve congratulated us on our new home. We were so excited, emotions kicks in we started to pack. Steve hired an inspector to inspect the house, we paid for the inspector, escrow closed in five days the next day we moved in. Steve gave us the papers we did not even looked through them. We insured the proprty, May 2014 the insurance appraiser came to to inspect the property told us they have to cancel our policy due to illegal structure and the roof. Undisclosed information illegal structure. Next our house caught on fire June 20; 2014, we went to pulled a permit , we could' t get one because there is no blue print on the property. We dig for more surprise information the value on the priority was $55,000. This how we got rubbed by the Good deal realty and the Agent Mr. Steve Williams. On top the agent borrowed $2,000.00 to pay his rent we did not want their little girl going through losing her home we let him. This house been trying to sell for the last two years it was not just come up as a new listing they have this house reserved for us to the last of our nerves running thin. Steve skip town without paying us back the money he borrowed. Where ever he is at , I hope there will be no victims like us deal g with him. Last we heard he is Santa And.

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