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Goldman Sachs Bank USA

Country United States
State Illinois
City Carol Stream
Address PO Box 4571
Phone 13198415200

Goldman Sachs Bank USA Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2020

Benjamin "Ben" Dyer, Managing Director of Security Of Goldman Sachs, routinely threatens job applicants over the phone after Goldman Sachs human resources department commits employment, and other types, of legal violations against applicants to the firm. This is done to keep upper tier employees of Goldman Sachs jobs safe and cover liability the firm would face if their actions (along with the actions of other banks in NYC) got out. Security services at Goldman Sachs, as it is at every other NYC bank, is essentially a gang of individuals that are out of control. Benjamin Dyer, who spent 16 years in the british army that supposedly qualified him for this post, apparently has as much legitimacy as former british military bear grylls roughing-it on an over-night hike. Security services across NYC, specifically at banks and financial institutions are insane(including, but not limited to Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, UBS, HSBC, BNY Mellon, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, CIBC, Morgan Stanley, TD Bank, PNC, CITIGroup, Any and all others inclusive), and over-run with low-class, ghetto people(inclusive of security firms that work for the banks, such as ALLIED UNIVERSAL SECURITY SERVICES and all other security firms that all engage in this), that form gangs in these companies and prey on employees and applicants. The security at these firms are paid-off and bribed by upper tier executives (some from HR such as HSBC and former CITIgroup HR Executive simon perkins, who has attempted to have individuals arrested by police for forwarding resumes to his firms) to make sure people dont get hired by the firm, or are removed from the firm to save their jobs. These security staffs pick their favorites, including females at the firms and harass males in the company they dont want the girls to be with or the guys to get too close to. It is like living in the hood, which is where they came from.

Elizabeth tyndell, vice president of human resources and co-head of experienced hire recruiting at goldman sachs Gs), has made it a common practice to not only call in house and outside legal counsel on individuals that apply for jobs at goldman sachs, but has even gone so far as to contact security to reach out to individuals that sent resumes to goldman sachs for jobs they themselves post and fully qualified individuals apply for. Tyndell has made it par-for-the-course to contact goldman sachs legal associate and in house counsel, kevin n. whitney, to threaten individuals for which tyndell has previously spoken to about jobs with gs and now, for one reason or another, no longer has any interest in dealing with. On top of that, tyndell and whitney then have goldman sachs chief of security, benjamin "ben" dyer contact individuals, who, again, are only applying to jobs he or she is fully qualified for, or was reached out to by tyndell, to tell that individual to no longer apply to the firm which is completely illegal. This is on top of whitney, who tells these same individuals to not apply to the firm further Also illegal), then directing them to attorney sheldon raab of the law firm fried frank, to then discuss the matter, for which mr. Raab is eaither playing dumb, is dumb, or legitimately has not idea why goldman sachs or kevin n. Whitney, is directing this individual to him and his firm. Perhaps tyndells And whitneys) interest in individuals is more of a personal matter than a professional one, and once she learns it is not reciprocated, this is how she reacts.

Tyndell and whitney form the perfect clown show that any broadway production would be glad to give about 15 seconds of attention to before quickly squirreling them off stage so that the real talent can perform. Unfortunately, this isnt broadway, and their show is even less interesting in the banking world where their conduct is just illegal.

How elizabeth tyndell, or kevin n. Whitney, obtained her job at goldman sachs in the first place having attended not one, but two schools, nobody has ever heard of, and whether that involved knee pads of any kind at that time, or to continually move up the ranks every time she pulls this type of scam, are questions that should be answered by those in charge at goldman sachs, who once again, have proven that they need to get better at breaking the law and covering it up if they want to continue to be regarded as one of the top banks in the country.

This information has been verified and has been filed with various agencies within and outside of NYC.

  • Jun 9, 2016

I went online to apply for a loan to help make ends meet till I got my first pay check as I had been unemployed for about a month. I received a text from GE Capital Bank saying they had approved me for up to $10,000.00 loan. I was excited as I had been turned down by everyone up till that point. I called them and was informed that I was approved for a loan from $2,000.00 to $10,000.00 and the loan could be deposited into my checking account within 15 mins to 1 hour. I told the I wanted the $2,000.00 loan. The person speaking with me said his name was Michael Davis but he had an extremely thick Farsi (Indian) accent and I could barely understand him. He told me my credit score and asked for the reason it was where it was. I said it was because I had owed taxes. He said because of the score I would need to show at least one month of payment which would be $225.00. I said I didn't have that in my account and he said I would just need it to show on a voucher or debit card.

I said I could get it but wanted to know if it was for a payment. He assured me that it wouldn't be coming out of my account and it was only to verify that I could afford the payments. So I borrowed the money from a friend, promising him to put it back into his account the next day as all I needed it for was to show I could pay the payments. I got a call the next day from them saying that I had been approved for a loan up to $10,000.00.

I thought that was odd that after talking the day before with the same person that they would call as if I hadn't started the loan process. Well, I called him the next day after and told him I could verify the funds now. He had me go into a Walgreens and get an ITunes card and put the $225.00 on it and when I said about how he told me the money wouldn't be coming out of my account he said it wasn't and I could get the money back off the card and put it into my account that they couldn't verify with the bank. Now the first day I was talking to them, they had me verify after I said I was intetested in the loan my SSN, bank routing and account number, my employer, my address-they had all this information without me giving it to them. I asked where they got it from and they said LendingTree. So I couldn't understand why nor could I understand why a bank would want you to get an ITunes card but I got it anyway thinking I could still have it to cash out if things didn't go right. I called him back and gave him the number off the back then he wanted a picture sent via email of the back of the card. The email was a gmail account and it occured to me that it was a gmail account after I emailed it to him. Then he said he would call me back in about 15mins but it didn't take that long when he called back and said the money was in a holding account of the State Government and I needed to pay a $300.00 wire transfer fees. That the recipient had to pay this fee.

When I questioned why, I was told it was because I lived in another state and NY wouldn't allow it under the new obama banking rules. They wanted the money again on an ITunes card. That was it. I called back to ask how to get my $225.00 back that they assured me wouldn't be used for anything and he kept saying that I would get the refund when I closed the loan that $2,225.00 would be deposited into my account. I asked about the $300.00 that I was just told about after being told that all that was needed was $225.00. He kept saying over and over again it would be in the deposit. I asked how did they have the whole amount ready right now in some holding account. He just kept saying it will be refuned in the loan that I would only get the refund in the loan. I asked then if I decided not to get the loan how would I get the money back and he went in again saying it'll be in the deposited money. I told him to give me something right now, confimation number name of the holding bank, etc and he went back saying the funds were ready to be deposited. He got angry and said he would cancel the loan and I wouldn't get anything in refund because I didn't get the loan. I said ok let me see what I can do but he said that he would stay on the line with me till I get the money and the card and if I hang up he would cancel the loan. I told him I was on my cell and I could drop him and he said for me to call him back in one hour or he would cancel the loan. I did some more research and went with how I had been feeling about this all along.

Paperwork mailed to be signed after the lon proceeds paid out, verification on ITunes card, an american name for an Indian, super low intetest rate for low credit score, no straight answers, Michael repeatedly saying I had to trust him, all red flags. I decided to chuck it up to I was scammed but wasn't going to give them more. I already felt so horrible that I borrowed money from a friend with the promise of giving it right back to him. Felt worse about that than the fact I fell for a scam. I called to say I didn't want the loan. I was given an extension of 212 to use when I call so I asked for extension 218 and it was Michael who answered the phone and he said that I had the correct extension. I asked for their address and he said it was on the papers that I would get later and I asked why couldn't he just give it to me. He took a while then started to give me the address I've got listed here and it took him a long time, felt like he was making it up and I then told him I didn't want the loan and I would expect my $225.00 in the next 3 months. He said he would keep the loan open for a week ( this is after he threatened to cancel the loan) but if I don't take it I wouldn't be able to get another loan from them for the next 6 months. I said that would be fine. He then told me it could take up to 5-6 months to get me my refund and I asked why couldn't they just put it on a prepaid visa or something like they had me do and he hung up the phone. I'm closing my checking account tomorrow. I'm really not expecting to get my $225.00 back but if there's a class action suit I'm there! It would appear LendingTree is doing business (either knowingly or unknowingly) with a loan scam or they've been hacked. I'm signing up for lifeloc as soon as I can afford it as they have my SSN, address, work, name. Don't give them anything.

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