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Golden Grove MHP

Country United States
State Florida
City St Cloud
Address 1121 Golden Pkwy
Phone 407-957-7979

Golden Grove MHP Reviews

  • Feb 17, 2018

Golden Grove MHP was hit by a hurricane, and taken advantage of by Michael Martire for well over 3600 dollars, with no work completed, no materials purchased and no return of our money. This guy has every excuse in the book as to why he is not here performing the work or says he will show up tomorrow and never come. When you question him about it he lies and then screams obscenities about you, to your face making you the bad guy and him completely a victim. He has ripped off many before, I only wish I had looked him up prior to writing the checks for materials. This guy needs prison! We will infact be going after him for this theft. Do not get frauded by this guy!

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