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Golden Eagle Credit Corp

Country United States
State California
City Woodland Hills
Address 22212 Ventura Blvd., Suite 200
Phone 818-888-8400

Golden Eagle Credit Corp Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2016

In 2001, somebody applied for a credit card processing account & machine from Golden Eagle Credit Corp. Then, they closed the checking account monthly lease fees were automatically withdrawn from. In 2003, started calling ME demanding payment for the equipment and services I never received OR signed for. They then sent me copies of the Golden Eagle contracts reportedly bearing my signature. I told them, in CERTIFIED letter that the signatures were NOT MINE, and I was NOT going to pay for something I never applied for OR received. They were calling me on phone almost weekly demanding payment from June 2003 through August 2005, at which time, turned the account with my name over to their attorney for prosecution and any legal action they could get me for in court. the attorney contacted me, first by phone, and I told him I never signed anything, and the signatures on the paperwork didn't look anything like mine. Their attorney then mailed me what he had on the case, and asked me to send copies of the front of my driver's license, and other items bearing MY AUTHENTIC signature. I mailed the attorney what he asked for, including a typed letter stating that I had never signed anything, and in fact, had never even heard of Golden Eagle until MAB started mailing collection notices and calling me. And I put my signature at the bottom of that letter also. Roughly two weeks after I mailed the items to their attorney, the attorney again called me on the phone. The attorney appologized for the way I had been treated, and told me that he was NOT going to do anything with my account, and had already notified Golden Eagle Credit Corp, recommending that BOTH of them write off the account as a loss due to FRAUD. He told me that upon investigation, he could see very obviously that the signatures on the Golden Eagle paperwork looked nothing like mine, and said that he therefore was refusing to touch the case any more than he already had done. I then asked him to send me something in writing stating his findings, at which time the attorney told me that the only way his office mails anything to their defendants after the initial investigation would be if they thought the claim was valid, in which case, the written details would be in the form of a court summons. The attorney then told me that as far as his office was concerned, my case was closed, and in the clear... I owe Golden Eagle NOTHING. He then went on to warn me... "is a collection agency. They only get paid if they collect for the account. So they may quit calling for a month or more, but they will most likely keep pestering you until you cave-in and decide to pay them just to get them off your back." I hadn't heard any more from MAB until May 2006, when the collection calls started again. Now, George Gram has been calling demanding that I contact him almost EVERY DAY for the past THREE WEEKS. Then, on August 24, 2006, George mailed me a notice stating that they had reported me to Experian Credit Reporting as a bad debt turned over for collection. Therefore, I have account guard which monitors my credit reports. And when they notify me about the negative report to Experian, since I know they will insist the claim is valid despite their own attorney disaggreeing, I will, instead of filing a dispute with Experian, insist that they add my rebuttal statement to that reported account, in which I will point out that the plaintiff's own attorney refused the case, saying that MAB and Golden Eagle Credit Corp have NO VALID claim against me. Mark Enterprise, Alabama


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