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Gold Elements

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 433 Opry Mills Drive, Opry Mills
Phone 615-521-1580

Gold Elements Reviews

  • Mar 20, 2019

I have been trying to work with this company for seven months, and they continue to deny any culpability in the scheme the salesclerk used to defraud me of more than $3500. On august 31, 2018, i was approached by jasmine, a salesclerk from cocoage, an affiliated enterprise, and she offered to show me how i could use her product to reduce the puffiness and lines around my eyes. Stupidly, i agreed to let her apply the product to one of my eyes. It looked a bit better, and i agreed to purchase the product. Jasmine then told me that she hoped that she could offer me an incredible opportunity to meet with a skin-care specialist, micheal, who was in town for just that day. She raved about how much he had done for her mother Who, jasmine claimed, lived in brooklyn). Again, i allowed myself to listen to her. I followed her to the gold elements store, where micheal cajoled me Through flattery, shaming, and duplicity) into purchasing a contract under which i could get product refills whenever i wanted them ("even every week, " he promised) and could get a monthly facial at a local gold elements store. This is where the fraudulent misrepresentation happens: when i asked him where i could get the facials in new jersey, he told me that i could do so at a gold elements store in the jersey gardens mall, another simon property. I had no way to check the veracity of his report, and i relied on his statement when i signed for the diamond contract Noted as a gold contract on the receipt, but micheal gave me the "coveted" diamond card at the price of the gold--another shameless sales ploy). Since i was flying back to new jersey, i requested that the products be shipped to me.

Once i got back to my daughter's house and began to verify the details micheal had given me, i realized that i had been lied to. I immediately began to call customer service No answer) and left messages. I also began my email campaign. I requested that the products not be shipped to me. The company lied about the status of the shipment and refused to cancel it. Eventually, i learned enough to know that i could never exercise that contract in new jersey There is no gold elements store in my state) and that all micheal had told me was a lie. I relied on his statements when i made the purchase, and thus i was a victim of fraudulent misrepresentation, as he clearly knew what he was doing.

I have filed a complaint with the nashville better business bureau, the tennessee department of commerce and insurance - division of consumer affairs, the ftc, ecommerce.Gov, and the nashville courts Small claims). To date, the store has refused the small claims court warrant, although the owner's lawyer has written a letter clearly intended to intimidate me into backing down. If anything, this missive fueled my resolve to pursue this company in court. Last week, i supplied the bbb of nashville with a copy of the letter the lawyer sent me and detailed contact information for the store owner/president. Since i am 65 years old, i have additional protections under consumer laws, and i know that i have the law on my side. I'll update this report when i hear more from the various agencies and assaf amar's Owner's) lawyer.

  • Jan 24, 2018

I went for facial with my sister. I ended up with the entire store. I tried to return everything within a few hours. I was told they take no returns even though the receipt says otherwise. They were pushy with the sale and the owner was rude after attempting to charge my card again for thousands of dollars. Do not fall for their aggressive scam tactics.

  • Dec 25, 2017

Allergic reaction to Gold Element products November 20, 2017. Purchase date is 11-20-17 at Opry Mills mall location. Went back to store (Nov. 21 & 22) to try to resolve. WAS NOT TOLD THERE WAS A NO REFUND POLICY. They wanted to give me more products. Don't need other products from this store if I have allergic reaction to the products. They said could not credit my card bc their computers couldn't do that transaction-lie!! I had to call customer service-Raymond who did nothing for me!! Told me to speak with manager at store. Steven (salesperson at the store) said there were no manager there at that time.

These people could not understand plain English (null and void) Raymond said he didn't know what that meant. He also told me to get a lawyer and sue them. If this company is as legit as they say why would they tell a customer to sue them? I called customer service two other times and spoke with Ray-he even hung up on me.

He was upset i had gone back to store on Wednesday to try and speak with a manager, He was very rude to me! He also told me , "You can bring a gun to where I am and hold it to my head and i still would not do anything for you!” Who in customer service speaks to customers like that?

Store salespeople said there was no manager then they said there was one but would be in next day. Customer service told me there was no manager at the store. They also told me i couldnt speak with a supervisor. These products do not do what they claim they will do- lines disappear for maybe 12 hours. When water is applied or next morning lines are back!!!!! These people are unwilling to give credit!! Signs were not posted in front of register which customer service claimed. And receipt that was electronically signed did not state no refund UNTIL charge had been run and receipt printed. At no time did the two sales people show or refer to sign of no return policy!!!

I want my credit card credited the full amount of both purchases ($546.25 & $ 3386.75 total of $3933.00) back to my accounts. The products do not work like they claim they do. This company is fraudulent. If product as good as they claim then company should be able to credit card especially when an allergic reaction occurs. Invoice numbers are10611 and 10607. Used visa and discover credit cards. It was a high pressure sale after I told them I could not afford it!! Store or customer service did not try to refund /credit my card-they just wanted to give me more products. They did not want to help me. Very upset that they do not care if I had allergic reaction and refund me my money!!

  • Feb 22, 2017

I have a 5 year refill contract with Gold Elements after a very agressive sale. It is for the refill of 4 products 2 times a year. I have had 2 products refilled 1 time. Now I am told they "have decided" to no longer honor the contract. I have wished many times I would have not purchased any product from Gold Elements, but now especially. They are incredibly dishonest. I tried disputing this through my credit card company, but was not successful because it is well outside the 7 day return policy.

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