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Country United States
State California
City Vista
Address 1939 W. Vista Way
Phone 760-421-8456

GoBeRewarded Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2017

These people sound convincing and tell a good story, but once you sign up they will not let you out of paying them without taking down your website. They tell you that they will provide a number of services for a set monthly fee, but then provide none/few of the services, but still charge you for it every month. Then they set up more ways to get even more money. We asked to have control of our own website, they said no. We asked them to make real-time changes to it, they said no (even though they told us this was a big part of their services, but it immediaely turned into "you must email us on the client services portal" and we will respond in a week or so). We asked them to simply do what they contracted to do, they said no. We asked for a monthly report on what they were doing for us, they said no. We asked them to transfer our website to another host, they said no, it cant be done (although we did it in an hour once they took our site down). We think they simply wanted to intentionally hurt the business because we called them on their bull.... All they want is your money and use control of your website to get it. Total scam. Total bafoon. When we stopped payment on our credit card because they were not doing anything, they changed their company name and merchant ID for the credit company and put the charge through! American Express tells me that is called credit card fraud. Total scammers. So now, they will be emboiled in a nice lawsuit for fraud and breach of contract. Someone has to put a stop their scam.

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