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Go Dealseek, LLC

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Phone 706-887-2009

Go Dealseek, LLC Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2018

Carlos Lopez is the owner/representative of Go DealSeek, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. He has joined the facebook page Raffles R US and even created his own facebook raffle page - BIG RAFFLE AND AUCTION SHOW. He is a moderator for the facebook page Raffles R Us and the administrator for the Big Raffle and Auction Show. He opened a raffle on the last week of December 2017 for 2 pcs of 2nd generation iPad Airs for 50 people to join at $6.00 per spot totalling $300.00 of payment received. I sent my payment on December 24, 2017 to him and everyone did as well. We closed the raffle the same day and I won the 2 ipad airs. Since December 24, 2017 -- he has been saying that he shipped the items out on a particular day and will ask me to wait for a few days and NOTHING will be delivered. This process kept on repeating the whole month of January.

It is now the first week of February 2018 and I still have not received the items.

I had followed up with him multiple times via facebook, text and phone call and kept promising that it is coming but never did. He also has been very rude on multiple occasions every time I am following up. This morning, I sent a group message to him and the administrator of the Raffles R Us page asking to just tell me if he sent the items or not since he cannot provide a tracking number and finds a way to evade the question all the time. I told him that if he did not, I will just take the $300 cash that everyone paid for. He replied to me earlier today saying that he is only willing to pay me $160 out of the $300 since according to him that his the original cost of the 2 ipad airs. I replied back by saying that this proves that he never sent the items to me and that he wants to make a profit of $140 by sending me only $160 out of the $300 payment from the members of the group that joined. He did not answer my question and proceeded by saying that I can call him directly. I called him and he declined my call on the first ring. He had come up with multiple excuses as to why he has not followed up with the shipping saying that he was sick, his wife was sick his son was sick and many other reasons. To this day, I have not received the 2 iPad Airs that I won since Dec 24 2017.

I am reporting this to make everyone aware of the scamming this person and his company GO DEALSEEK LLC has been doing to me and many other people on that page. Multiple people have complained about him on that page because either he never sent the items they bought from him like multiple jailbroken amazon firesticks, or he sent the people empty packages!!

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