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Country United States
State Arizona
City Chandler
Address 300 N McKemy Ave
Phone 1 888-881-4959

Glynlyon Reviews

  • Sep 18, 2019

We had purchased Calvert Academy home school program for our daughter who was finishing high school. Initially, we had been using it for two years with no problems. Suddenly, at the end of June, the platform changed when the company was bought by Glynlyon/Odysseyware. We were given no help on how to navigate the new service.

Work my daughter had done was suddenly not counted and classes she was almost finished with required so much more work. The platform is completely different and not what we originally paid for. I would have never purchased this, but we are stuck to it since my daughter is so close to graduating.

Every time I have tried to contact the company to ask about the change or get assistance, they will not allow me to talk to a person in a leadership position. They have told me that they do not give those numbers out and that they cannot give me email addresses. All of the teachers and counselors we worked with are suddenly gone.

Calvert has not been very helpful and not given me answers to the simplest questions. They have gone out of their way to keep us and their other customers in the dark. I am still waiting for my daughter's transcripts which they have not sent even though I have asked for it multiple times. At this point, I am afraid it will not be accurate.

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