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Global Trust Funding, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 12531 High Bluff Dr
Phone 858-240-5626

Global Trust Funding, LLC. Reviews

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  • Nov 7, 2018

Abdul Zakey / global trust funds llc messaged me on LinkedIn pretening to give real estate loans at a very cheap rate. After being dragged around for a week and being told that our loan is finally approved, he asks me to pay $7,500 for his underwriter. I told him I will be more than willing to pay it AT THE CLOSING and to send the loan contract. He stops answering and never sends anything once I told him on the phone there are tons of lending scams where people try to collect a fee and run away and I'M SURE you're not one of them, that's why I will pay your fee AT THE CLOSING.

I am not sure if Abdul Zakey/Zakay is his real name or not, but he sounds like he does not have an Arabic accent at all as I am very familiar with Middle Eastern accents. He sounds Haitian/Nigerian.

He claims he attended United Arab Emirates University for 4 years and makes his profile picture a man in Saudi wardrobe. We said some Arabic phrases to him over the phone and he had no clue how to respond and ignored it because he is not actually Arabic.

Abdul has a fictitous NMLS number on his website. I tried to look it up and there was no such thing, nor was his company registered with the State.


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  • Nov 13, 2018


I too was contacted by the same individual, who stated he was a lender. Because I am aware of the scams, I requested an email from him with his guidelines, etc. What he sent was unprofessional, and amateur at best. I felt uneasy from the start, but went with it just to see where it would take me and I personally concluded, just from our brief interaction, that I wouldn't be brokering any loans to this guy.

So, borrowers beware.

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