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report scam LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Edgewater
Address 11308 Edgewater Circle
Phone (561) 349-4520
Website LLC Reviews

  • Apr 3, 2021

I signed up for an account thinking that this was Global Tel Link. I immediately realized the error and within minutes tried to cancel the account and requested a refund. Calling their 'customer service' number (multiple times) only resulted in a recorded message which repeated over and over until finally informing you that "faster service" can be had by sending them an email. My first email explained the error and requested a refund. That resulted in a reply asking me to keep trying the service or by using the $45.99 charge they made to my debit card to send "postcards" to the inmate, but totally ignored the refund request.

After three emails demanding a refund they finally said they would refund $31.00 and that 'non-refundable' charge of $14.99 applied. When I said I would simply initiate a chargeback through my bank they said that if I wasn't sucessful in persuing the chargeback that they would fine me $250.00.

Here is a link to their Florida Corporations Registration:

  • Dec 21, 2020

Would not respond or refund money for services i accidently requested thinking it was a way to send inmates money instead it was a telephone service and i thought i was filling out an app to send money and when i clicked next it automaticly took money from my card without asking to pay now or offering terms of service, i imediately asked for a refund by emailing them and calling them with no response so i then searched them online and found they are a scam

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