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Global One Networks, LLC.

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 1026 W Central Blvd
Phone 407-312-3199

Global One Networks, LLC. Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2017

Marion G. Peterson is owne of Global One Networks, along with his partner and ex-lover Valerie Williams Munday. The two live together and between the two of them, they are con-artist. Marion Peterson who uses God in vain and in order to lure in innocent victims to join his unprofessional team is disgusting. This man is not a real licensed minister, he cannot go behind a pulpit and preach the word of God, he cannot marry anyone. He lied and stated that he was ordained and is not; isn't lieing a sin? He seduces women while living in a home with his partner and ex-lover that he claims they have been seperarated and he has been celibate for 2 years. Marion sells his company by mentioning God, advetising false information and promises. He claims to have a multi-million dollar company, yet he constantly ask others for money, his truck is broken down, his teeth are in ruins, he steals and again he lives under his partner and ex-lovers roof.

He has 5 kids by 4 different women, married twice and goes into church services to & programs to lure in innocent women that are truly of God. Marion Peterson is a liar in more ways than one. He works under a contract with Delta Airlines, yet he hires on anyone that can help do the job even if they are not licensed, for example his electricians that he brings in. I have heard conversations where companies are letting him and his workers go, therefore he is losing work. He is not a good trainer, he uses aggressiveness, harsh words and threatens your reputation and future career plans if you are not in agreeance with him.

Valerie Williams Munday is unethical and not able to control her actions when another woman is involved in her partner/ex-lover Marion Peterson's life. If you want to get to him, be aware ladies that she will try her best to destroy you. Two ugly people with very ugly ways. Valerie Williams Munday is so insecure that she will include the family, friends and ministers in a personal situation that doesn't even concern her. Valerie Williams Munday is desperate for a man and since she doesn't have any knocking down her door, she is vulnerable and desperate to keep Marion Peterson for herself. This company will not last because of how they treat others. Women, Marion will sweet talk you, pray with you and do all the things a man is to do in order to get close to a woman, stay clear and keep your credit cards away from him. His promises do not follow through. Egotistical & pathological liar. Even friends state that Marion is a nice man, but work wise, no! He is respected for his preaching to people, but little do others know that he is a man scarn and in vain, he is demonic and will taunt, harass and manipulate you.

Global One Networks, im sure can be a great company. It just has the wrong people representing it. When you mix business with pleasure things happen. Marion Peterson even spoke of buying Valerie Williams Munday out and letting her go. I hope that she is aware that he will do something like this to her. STAY CLEAR OF MARION PETERSON, TAKE YOUR SKILLS AND GET KNOWLEDGE FROM OTHER PEOPLE AND PROGRAMS. I PRAY THAT THIS WILL SAVE MORE THAN A FEW PEOPLE. THIS MAN IS NOT A MINISTER, HE IS A MAN THAT I FEEL LOVES GOD, BUT NOT CHOSEN.

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