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Global Excel Management, Inc.

Country Canada
City Sherbrooke, Quebec
Address 73 Queen Street
Phone 1 819 566 8833

Global Excel Management, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2020

I purchased a family insurance package back well into Fall of 2019. My family had 2 travel bookings during April which were cancelled by the airline and resort due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The insurance company is denying my claims because the airlines and the resort are offering a credit. I do not agree with this option as my daughter will not be travelling in the 2-year period the credit is good for. She was travelling in advance of starting a 2-yr school program. My travel arrangements were for a active type vacation which I can no longer attend since I've injured my back. Again, who knows when I'll be able to travel again. I do not want to be handcuffed to a travel timeframe not forced to travel before I am ready to get on a plane again or leave Canada for that matter. How are these insurance companies allowed to not honor the policy for a cancellation which is out of my control.

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