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Global Cash Card, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 3972 Barranca Pkwy Ste J610
Phone 888-220-4477

Global Cash Card, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2019

I used my bank card at an ATM for 60.00 plus a 2.00 fee. Looked at my bank statement and they took an additional 60.00 plus the 2.00 fee two more times. I was told to call GCA located in Las Vegas Nevada and they say that it takes 24-48 hours for it to post.

It has been over 48 hours and still nothing. I called my bank as i was told to file a regular dispute and they didnt know what that was.

  • Jul 14, 2017

They are telling me my card was in negative but that can not be so because my work check was on card they are saying I was spending money I didn't have but how it's not like it lets u over draft

  • Apr 20, 2017

I work for a company that forces me to use a Global Cash Card. One problem that I encountered when using the card is that the website advertises FREE ATM locations that are NOT FREE for all cards. The problem I have with that or better yet the question I have is why is it listed as free in MY account IF it does not work for MY card? I was told to look in the disclosures. Well legally I guess that is true but ETHICALLY it is deceptive because when I login to MY account it SHOULD show info for MY card. This is very deceptive and has cost me $7 in fees to get my own money out. After I contacted them in regards to the charges ONLY THEN was I told that the ONLY way that I can get Free ATM withdrawals is to go inside of 7-11, Walgreens or CVS. This is okay if I go (which leads to the second problem) but when I send my handicaped wife the locations are not accessible to her because she has mobility issues that won't allow her to walk into the locations and needs a drive up location. I guess thats an issue for The American Association of People with Disabilities to handle because that is NOT acceptable. I feel that it is WRONG toadvertise FREE ATM Locations even after I log in to my account if it is NOT free for MY card. This is a BAD policy to have.

  • Dec 5, 2016

Fraud in Progress...12/03/2016 20:35hrs (8:35pm) My phone chirped to let me know I had a message.

It was letting me know my account had just dropped below $25. This alarmed me it was Saturday night & I just got paid Friday & had only gone out to eat. I should have almost my whole paycheck!!

My whole Pay Check was on my "GLOBAL CASH CARD"!!

I CALLED to check my balance & it said I had Exactly $0.00I Got ONLINE with Global Cash Card where I found a charge made on my card that took EVERY Last cent I had on my card. It was posted at 17:05(5:05pm) in Chicago, IL. It was just in the PENDING stage. I Called COUSTOMER SERVICES they froze my card and connected me to theDISPUTE DEPARTMENT. I explained the problem about the Fraudulant charge & ask them to put a stop on the pending charge so I would not loose my money!They said they couldn't do that they didn't even have the option to do so???I ask to speek to a supervisor who in turn gave me the same I'm SORRY speach.Then had the GALL to tell me just to watch my money in my account dissapear then a few days later call his DISPUTE DEPT. back and file a claim then it would take 45-90 days to possibly get my STOLLEN MONEY BACK!!!

I have a WAL*MART money card which my company woulden't let me use. I had this problem with them 2yrs ago they stopped a pending charge & there was completed charge they went after them and my MONEY was back on my card in less than 48hrs.

I will NEVER again use Global Cash Card.

I am going to post flyers at work & at the other 47 corporations in our business park about what Global's Ethics are and my children & grandchildren are going to spred the word about not using global cash cards all across the INTERNET & ALL SOCIAL MEDIA.

If you read this please help us spred the word that Global Cash Card prefers to help the THIFF than the RIGHTFULL CARD OWNER who is now without money to buy her insilin for 45-90days

  • Nov 16, 2019

Global Cash Card is Fraudulant

The same thing just happened to me, almost $200 was taken from my Global Cash Card account--the only money I have left until next payday which is still 10 days away. I was also told by the dispute department that they couldn't cancel the transaction, even though it was in the pending stage.

To make matters worse, this is not the first time this has happened to me with Global Cash Card. Last time I made a dispute, they told me I needed to file paperwork they would send to me. As it turned out, once I received the paperwork, I wasn't given enough time to send it back by the posted deadline, so I lost that money.

I also will never use this card again, and I will also spread the news that Global Cash Card is a fraudulant business.

  • Oct 19, 2016

I received a card through my employer. I go to pay bills online line, and all my funds are missing at least 600$!! I filled a dispute and the denied it. telling me to write a letter because there's not a real person to speak to! ! so now this process with back and forth paper mail can take weeks and I still might not get it back!! This is so frustrating and is making me depressed because how do I pay my bills! !! THANKS GLOBAL CASH.

  • Aug 16, 2016

I went to get a cash advance on Friday which I also do every week at the band, not only did the card decline, the company refused to give me my money tell this Wedseday and i needed the money Friday and they where extremly rude to me on the phone, and I was ripped off 313.00

  • May 25, 2016

Yes I have filled two disputes in the amounts of $120 and $160 that were made while I sleep and am at work. The company disabled my card and issued another card. That was helpful, however when it comes to actually providing a provisional credit they said I'd be better off calling the ATM owners themselves, so I called cashpoints and bank of america who in turn replied that's my card companies responsibility to provide refunds. However global cash card keeps giving me the run around operating outside the FDIC guidelines as a lone wolf type of company highly dangerous and a risk to every American citizen and American financial institution. I've also called Pacific western bank and day after day of being on hold for up to 4-6 hrs a day I find that repulsive. In no way shape or form should you trust this bank or card service with any of your finances. I've gone hungry starving because they won't help in any way shape or form.

  • Jan 15, 2016

I am a father of 2 and 1 on the way with my beautiful girlfriend, although we are not in poverty level, we appreciate the value of a dollor, so when Global Cash Card locked my debit card immediately after my girlfriend put money(all that we had) on it via Western Union, a slight irritation and worry came over us. I had unfortunately became incarcerated on past stupidity and in order for us to talk she added the money on Dec 27th 2015, it is now Jan 14th 2016 and I have yet to beable to access my funds. I have sent in all of the information requested of me, and have called and spent countless hours on hold, actually I am on hold after calling and being hung up on numerous times, as I am typing this report. The "supervisor" requested proof of address and my birth certificate, I sent those as well as my ID & Social just to make sure and once they finally answered my 100th call they have the gulls to say " well Ms.Wisdom, your ID and Social copy are to dark and were going to need another. I kindly inturupted stating I sent those as extras and they were not requested, the lady argued with me saying otherwise. Finally after waiting to speak to a supervisor and verifying all of my information, I am on yet another hold and they are stating my address verification is wrong and in have a different one on file. I HAVE LIVED AT MY CURRENT ADDRESS SINCE I OPENED MY GLOBAL CASH CARD. Its $55.00 of my families own money, that we are in desperate need of my daughter needs diapers and my wife needs her prenatel medicine, I am so discussed by the unlawful, unkind, and difficult nature of this company. I once referred them to many, now I am to the point where I would fear for other people financial funds security if they were to in trust in Global Cash Card as their means of spending or receiving paychecks and their verybown, hard earned money. This is a discouraged father, trying to stop other financially burned family from going through this heartache.

  • Dec 17, 2015

Lost my card called to report it being last but after going thru some papers I found the card and call back that I had found the card but I was told at the point in 7DAYS I would recievce a new card so I waited but 10 days and call them back to see what happen they told me that there was a mixup and IShould receicve and never received a new card.Call them back to see. What I needed to do to gat a new card they told me to go to their web site andchange my info and after that I should receive a new card then couple of days later I was told my their custom service rep the. Wrong birthdate have been entered and the only way I could correct the birthdate to contact my employers payroll office did that then a was promised a check for the balance on the card which at this point is several hundred dollars just recently after I call them back and email them I was told that my birthdate was still wrong and that I would have fax or email a photo ID which I did to this date I am still getting the runaround its my money and I would like to have it.please help!

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