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Glenna Van Buskirk

Country United States
State Alabama
City Redding
Address 7087 Ceres Ct
Phone 650-269-6866

Glenna Van Buskirk Reviews

  • May 3, 2017

I was told that the mare I purchased from Holly Singleton was guarenteed sound even though she failed her first vet check due to poor hoof care. I had her trimmed and reevaluated by the local vet, and was told that she was sound. I expressed concern to Holly about the mare's soundness and she reassured me that her horses were guarenteed sound. After purchasing the horse, she turned out to have EPM and cost me thousands of dollars and it took 3 years to bring her back to serviceably sound. I asked for my money back or an exchange from Holly several times, and I was denied. She lied to me. She is a horse trader, with no ethics or sense of responsibility at all. I would encourage anyone and everyone to keep looking, rather than buy from Holly. She doesn't care about the horse, the buyer or anyting except her profit margin. Buying a horse from her cost me 15,000.00 dollars in vet bills. Eventually the mare was okay, but who wants to go through that?

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