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Glendale Auto Body

Country United States
State California
City Glendale
Address 511 W Chevy Chase Dr
Phone 1 818-247-1677

Glendale Auto Body Reviews

  • Oct 4, 2018

The items listed in the estimate letter were never installed nor were the repairs done correctly . Chipping paint then covering it up with silver cocking . Horrible work on a new car . Mark the owner is a fraud ! He will rip your new car apart and claim it's for repairs to extract money and labor costs out of your insurance. Your new car will never be the same Damaging the interior of your car and scratches onto the inner plastic He will write up a estimate request payment for parts and labor and will basically repair around the area and pocketed the rest of the money . He claimed to my insurance that a new tailgate needed to be installed and that new oem tail gate was not new and reinstalled . the old one was destroyed in the repairs so even if the dent was removed the interior damage shows it's my old door and not the new replacement. All I am saying here is this person is s lier and a thief .

Don't take your car here because they will all cover for one another when u start to question them they send another guy u never met before to cover up for the owner that will nolonger deal with u because u are on to his shady crap. Mark will claim that fixing a small area entails taking the car apart and surrounding by the way once people tear into your car it never goes back the same basically destroying the value of your car. I will say this again if u take your car here u you car will be damaged and unless your insurance is in network with that shop they will walk away for any police or guarantee the offered u in the signing of the agreement . You will be left with zero help .they will them ask u to pay out of pocket to make them fix the area they damaged . If I had not remember and taken pictures of my car prior to his work I wouldn't of noticed that he never replaced my door with the one one that was ordered . I remember the areas of the damages and recognized it was still my same old door just repaired from the outside. I kept track and the receipt for my insurance company showing payment ! Please go the your network for guaranteed repairs and if u don't please go to another place besides Glendale auto body because it's not a honest safe place for repairs .this place is not safe ! Be smart stay away from Glendale auto body shop . Mark Vargas is going to be sued for insurance fraud !

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