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Glassman Subaru

Country United States
State Michigan
City Southfield
Address 28000 Telegraph Rd
Phone 888-468-8951

Glassman Subaru Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2015

On November 19, 2014 I went into Glassman Suburu to potentially buy a used car. My credit needed to be pulled and I knew that, I was told that it would only be ran once for Glassman financing and possibly another company which I was okay with. As I was sitting in the dealership Capital One Auto Financing called me in order to verify my identity (there is a statement on all of my credit reports requiring verification due to previous identity theft). As far as I was aware that was it; Glassman and Capital One pulled my credit.

Since that time my credit report shows 10 hard inquiries from Glassman “shopping” my credit around when I never gave permission to do so; it is clearly stated in my credit file to verify my identity. When I was in the dealership I said I did NOT want my credit pulled multiple times because I knew what the end result would be. Glassman has 2 separate inquiries alone, which should never have happened; as you can imagine this incident has absolutely killed my credit score and without my permission to run my credit multiple times I am very upset; because I was lied to. They thought it was perfectly acceptable to run my credit twice from them alone and then run my credit an additional 8 more times!!!!

It's a very sneaky way to do business and now I have hours of writing the credit reporting agencies and spending money in order to have this corrected. Bottom line; don't go here for a car purchase you will be paying for it months later as you watch your credit score drop helplessly. You've been warned!

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