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Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 4040 Holly St
Phone 720-448-0986
Website Reviews

  • Feb 3, 2019

I made the mistake of purchasing from this company a few months ago and I never received my package. I have been trying to contact customer support, but have been unsuccessful. The numbers listed on the website are invalid and they will not respond to any of my emails. This company is intentionally ignoring my emails, because they refuse to respond to them. However, when I write to them from other email addresses, they respond! So yeah, they are ignoring me without question. They refuse to remedy the situation, answer any questions or give me the time of day and I have no idea why! I have never purchased from this company before. I was a new customer so I am baffled by the way I am being treated. I do not recommend anyone purchase from this company. I believe they are scamming people and they do not respect their customers. If you don't listen to my warning and make a purchase, then don't expect any customer support or to be able to return or exchange the item. If you make a purchase, there is a big chance you will not receive anything. If this happens to you, don't count on getting a refund, another shipment or help of any kind. Obviously I will never order from this company again. I have a family member who made a purchase around the same time and unlike me, they actually received their package - but it was deceptively low quality and had to be thrown away only after a couple of months of use. So to this company, I'd like to say F*** YOU!

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