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Gineton Guedes Alencar

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 435 Hawthorne St
Phone 561-843-4724

Gineton Guedes Alencar Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2018

On October 7th, 2017, I Carlos Escobar purchase Gold from Gineton Guedes Alencar [note: he loves to let you know that Hashem (Jewish! for G-d) is present and the deal is safe! he was a Christian you can start your idea from here!]. On that day Gineton send to my office his Son Ben David Fuzaro [He makes you believe that he is a good young man and that he is a Model and future actor in Hollywood so while he is distracting you his father is just scamming your monies in Uganda [sag and AFTRA along with many Hollywood producers will be notified in case they want to scam more people from the movie industry!]. He also sends his business partner [as well] Otoniel Ferreira [all of them are from Brazil with US Citizenship]. On this day I gave them $60K and Ben David ALencar along with Otoniel Ferreira took the monies and sign receipts along with a promissory note that the investment will be returned on December 7th 2017.

I have all documents stating that Ben David Alencar and Otoniel Ferreira are working side by side with Gineton Alencar on this Gold Scamming business.

I have all contracts and emails promising the Gold since October 2017.

I met with Ben David Alencar and he washed his hands stating that this business is his father business and he has nothing to do with it! Otoniel said that he no longer will be working with Gineton! and finally Gineton said that he just owes me $120K after the waiting time!

Even with another promissory note made in February 2018 Gineton, Ben David and Otoniel failed to pay! every week is one more lie! all of them are thieves and scammers! no one from their group wants to take responsibility and pay my monies owed.

According to many sources in Uganda these people has fake gold and are dealing with very undesirable people in that part of the world. Needless to say, they take your monies and go around Africa buying and selling gold for their own benefit. I have proof that he has Gold in consignment amounting $5 Million Dollars that he took to Dubai and sold there.

So….After many attempts (7 months to be exact) trying to collect my monies or gold from Gineton Alencar, Ben David Fuzaro and Otoniel Ferreira I have decided to post and then court! Justice needs to be served!

(I will be updating this with more info and documents so you don’t get scammed….from these Brazilians/Americans)

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