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Gimmick Tree Entertainment

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Westville
Address 721 Woodland Ave
Phone 1 856-408-8977

Gimmick Tree Entertainment Reviews

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  • Jul 23, 2019

My audio business received an aggressive telephone call from 856-252-0237 asking for status on the repair of his audio preamplifier. He could not provide the ra#, unit's serial number, or name of anyone at my company he had allegedly spoken to. He was asked to furnish proof of purchase for the unit and sent a totally fabricated "invoice" from a flea market address in new jersey.

He demanded a new "replacement" unit or payment for a unit he was claiming that we had "lost" and then became very abusive to my employee handling this call when we obviously were not falling for this scam.

He gave his contact info as:

C.J. Hartman

[email protected]

721 woodland



Phone: 8563520237

On this "invoice".

We received email from [email protected] this "information". After some swift web searching, we came across a yelp page report about him and a scamion about him and informed mr. Hartman that his attempts to defraud my company had been noted and instructed him to cease all contact with my company and its employees or the next report would be made to the police.

I post this information here in order to protect the next potential victim.

I found out later he had also attempted this same fraud on a peer company in the audio business.

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  • Jun 11, 2019

Gimmick Tree Entertainment owned by Charlie Armstrong Hartman ( Twitter @realgimmicktree ) ( Facebook (856-408-8977 ) is running an online fraud by selling electronics via PayPal and not shipping them.

I purchased two items weighing a total 80 lbs which was never shipped --

Charlie Hartman uses his WWF ring announcer (Cody) to have the money sent to Marina Ri Karenbauer who lives in Baden, PA and they also use Jessica Simmons-Shelby address 721 Woodland Ave, Westville, NJ 08093 for fake UPS delivery locations.

Charlie Armstrong Hartman will insist you release the PayPal monies before he ships the items. If you choose PayPal services vs. friends and family; you will NOT be protected if you release the funds prior to getting the items. When you release the monies even with the service protection via PayPal, you are releasing your protection if the merchandise doesn’t arrive.

A copy of Charlie Armstrong Hartman’s criminal record has a rap sheet was 57 pages long. Charlie Armstrong Hartman, has been in and out of jail since he was 19 years old, on charges like fraud, burglary, assault, organized fraud, identity theft, and outstanding warrants. He was once sentenced to seven years in jail (and served four).

I will personally answer any questions you have about Charlie Armstrong Hartman, Gimmick Tree Entertainment, Marina Ri Karenbauer, and Jessica Simmons-Shelby so you can avoid the fraud.

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  • Sep 19, 2019

A thief

He stole 60,000 from my non profit Dominic's notebook I have a ton of proof

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