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Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta

GifterToken Reviews

  • Apr 15, 2021

Manipulative and controlling creators will ban you from the community and steal your tokens/money if you buy too much. It is an obvious scamcoin pump and dump scheme to keep the price low so the creators can create the perfect market for them to make enormous profits while keeping the investors limited and controlled at the bottom. I tried to interact with the community only to become greatly disrespected, ridiculed and banned because I unknowingly"bought too much" like whoa I had no idea that was a problem for any cryptocurrency when an investor buys a large amount, but it sure it the case with Gifter token aka scamcoin. BEWARE!!!

I lost a great potential to get really wealthy from my initial investment I bought 209 thousand shares then I increased my investment to acquire 9 billion which caused me to be banned and blacklisted from the scamcoin creators. Follow me on all social media [email protected] for updates on the HOTTEST cryptocurrency in 2021. Don't get scammed like I did!!!

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