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Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Pittsburgh
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  • Jan 30, 2020

I was given a gift card for $100. I activated it on line right away and tried to use it. The message I got was the card was not active. Called to activate and they said it was active. Tried several mor time with different vendors and it would not work.

I laid the card aside for a year of so and tried again still would not work. got the card out again and checked my balance and discovered they had taken a total $65 in "fees" In desparation I tried agan and for some reason it worked. I'm out $65 and possibly more if I can't get it used today.

Looks like a big scam to me, legalized theft. My advice Give Cash!

  • Oct 26, 2018

I was ordering a gift card for my daughters birthday they took the money then cancelled my order RIPOFF stay away from this company they suck

  • Mar 31, 2017

Today is my mother's birthday. I ordered an Amazon Gift Card for her in the amount of $100. I received an email stating my order was in. Then received another email stating that my order was cancelled. When I called and spoke to a CSR, they told me that my order was cancelled due to my information NOT passing their fraudulent account check. Wth? I used my debit card and there is roughly $1400 in the account. All mailing address etc is up to date. The Csr was rude and could not give me an explanation as to why they won't process my order. So I re-iterated that they are informing me that I cannot do business with them and must take my business elsewhere due to not passing whatever requirements they have for their 'fraud' test. What a joke! Meanwhile, I am not late in sending my mother her gift. Should they not refund both $1.00 transactions, I will take this to the bbb. Be cautious using this company. There are tons of other companies we can use!

  • Jan 2, 2017

My mother ordered a virtual visa giftcard from for 45.00 the card number was invalid i called customer service first to be told to call back in 2hrs when I finally got to talk to someone i was told to call back in 3 days they did not give me a new card they did not refund my mother's money they basically stole 45.00 from her do not use this company

  • Aug 26, 2016

That is Fraud company, they making most money to steal the money from the customers , never tell them to check the ballance , you never able to activate you gift card by phone, not possible to check the ballance on your card on website - that comany juts the joke just hoping and make everything so hard for customers to use their gift card if they purchased from or got gift card from the friends .... Customers BEWARE - that is fraud company!!!

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