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Gibson Dependable

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Carneys Point
Address 283 Justice Drive
Phone 856-514-2167

Gibson Dependable Reviews

  • Nov 14, 2015

Last month I had the unfortunate experience of spending over $500 with Gibson Dependable's Ebay store (physically located in Carney's Point, New Jersey, and run by Ryan Ingram).

Here's the scoop: I purchased a 2006 USA Gibson guitar body and neck. Before I made the purchase I specifically asked the guys at Gibson Dependable if this was a non-chambered body (solid wood), or a chambered body (hollow and cheaper quality becuase Gibson started making chambered Les Pauls @ the end of 2006 to save money.) NON-CHAMBERED Gibson Les Pauls are worth considrrably more money, sound better and nowadays - are highly sought-after. GIbson dependable assured me in an email this as a NON-CHAMBERED Gibson Les Paul, so i made the purchase.

When i recieved the guitar, it felt kinda light compared to my older Les Pauls, and i suspected Gibson Dependable might have actually sold me a 'Chambered' (hollowed out) Les Paul. This was major difference was finally clarified only when I personally called the Gibson Factory in Tennessee, gave them the serial number on the Les Paul that Gibson Dependable sold me, and was told by the Gibson Corporation (the MAKER OF THE GUITAR), that my guitar i just bought was, indeed, a lower-quality Chambered Les Paul. FYI: I still have all the email correspondence from the guys @ Gibson Dependable lying about the Les Paul they were selling me as non-chambered. (feel free to contact me for copies - I saved all the emails to prove it.)

I trusted Gibson Dependable. I took their word, and believed that this Les PAul I was buying was the higher quality, highly sought-after Non-Chambered version, because this is waht i was told. Was this an honest but huge mistake on the part of Gibson Dependable? Possibly ... So i contacted Gibson Dependable to request a warranted refund + the cost of shipping the CHambered Les Paul back to them.

But Ryan Ingram and Gibson Dependable refused to pay retrun shipping, telling me “we do not believe the body to be chambered.“ As if what they believe disqualifies what the Gibson manufacturer is saying!

Bottom line: Ryan Ingram and Gibson Dependable flatly lied about a major aspect of this particular guitar, Period. Then refused to refund my shipping costs of more than $80.

I've been a musician/guitar player for over 20 years, and I've never experienced anything that stinks like this. Ryan Ingram and Gibson Dependable are not honest folks. Avoid at all costs.

  • Dec 18, 2019

gibson dependable

Don't trust his pay cash no tax no recpt offer, If you complain he will turn you to pick of the ricks

  • Dec 18, 2019

gibson dependable reviews

don' trust his pay cash no tax no recpit offer. some how he is tied in with pick of the Ricks

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