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Country United States
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City Reno
Address 10615 Professional Circle Suite 102
Phone 1 (888) 633-9429
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  • Apr 2, 2016

I wanted a prepaid reloadable debit card and found the GiantEagle fuelperks card. It says on the card no credit check, reloadable, cash with pin access, direct deposit available so perfect I bought it and loaded $500. Paid $3.95 went home to register the card online. Followed the steps and then on the final step it says I didn't pass the id process. What? I put in all my correct info including my SS# and address what is the problem. I called paypower and the said sorry I didn't pass the identification process. I told the rep I know my information and the rep said maybe the public records information the cross reference to has my old address. He advised me to purchase another card and use my previous address. I did and the same thing the site would not register the card which means I couldn't reload the card or do direct deposit or access the $500 cash I loaded with a pin. I called Paypower back and again I got we don't know. I purchased another card and used an older address still the registration site would not register the card so no cash access to the funds I load on the card. I contacted Metabank and the Reg told me the just service the card could not help me and would have to forward my info to a third company named BlackHawk who is I guess the issuer of the card. I was told I would receive a call back in 24 hours no return call after 3 days. I called back and the rep said they would send the request to a manager and hung up on me. I called back and the next rep from Metabank very rude and said I've called twice and they submitted the request for a call back what more do I want them to do and hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak to a manager the new rep didn't want to forward the call to the manager and I demanded to speak to someone about the poor customer service at the bank. She finally forwarded me to a manager and he was very helpful and said he would discuss the poor service with the other reps. and would make sure my call was returned by Blackhawk Network, Inc. A few hours later a Rep. from black hawk contacted me and just said I didn't pass the id process and couldn't do anything about it. I asked why he said he could tell me he doesn't know its a system thing. I said I but my correct info in and your verifying my identity with some incorrect information in some unknown public record database. How is it possible to pass a verification test like that. He didn't know and would not help me. I contacted GiantEagle and told them about the problem and they said sorry they couldn't help me either.

I purchased this prepaid reloadable card that 4 companies are servicing and none of them were able to figure out why the system doesn't register the 3 cards that I purchased. I am not able to access any of the cash I loaded on the card with a pin or reload the cards. They are selling gift cards and putting false information on the packageing that the cards are sold in plus none of the 4 companies making the money from these cards can help you if you have a problem they just pass you to the next guy.

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