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Gexa Energy

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 20455 State Highway 249, Suite 200
Phone (713) 961-9399

Gexa Energy Reviews

  • Aug 17, 2020

June 1st notified gexa I was moving to another town, wanted my account transfered. Never happened, found they had charged me for 1 month at old address. Have been calling the company for two months, 5 hrs and day trying to get someone with a brain. No one could help me. I spent two months trying to resolve. No one in customer service could speak English, so it was hard to understand them when I did get someone.

They would take info and put me on hold for at least half hour then hang upon me. When I was transfered to cs after waiting on hold, they would hang up on me. They owe me $121 dollars and it has a amen me 3 weeks to get someone to tell me when I would get it. Finally a gentleman sad I would have to call back August 11 to get final answer, when I did, they told me I never called, not. You would think they could read the notes put in the computer system every time I called, NO, each time they told me made up stories, did not call etc. I keep trusting them and calling back each time I was told and they kept telling to call back after 5 more days.

This happened 4 times. I was told the money would go back to bank, NO, that did not happen. Next I was told to wait another 5 days and they would mail it to me. She said she would call me when this happened, I won't hold my breath. Two and a half months of this nonsense, they even told me that they had problemscand needed to hire more people. Intial person who I talked to said they could only be on call for 7 mins, so that is why they kept hanging upon me. Now I have to stay with them because I asked for an energy plan at 7.7cents for 12 months.

So they know I am with them for that long so they don't care how they treat you. The gentleman that was the most help said he could remove $25 off new bill for all the trouble. That never happened. I am fed up with this company.

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