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  • Apr 29, 2016

Fraser Karlsen (but he has called himself David Bell a few times) sold me a 4 month old Jaguar F Type through Autotrader. Advert makes no mention of the fact that it is a total loss car as part of a fleet insurance claim and it also states that it comes with full UK Jaguar warranty - which it does not.

Basically I did all the normal checks (called Jaguar UK first, the original dealer and did a HPI check etc) and all clean. Bought the car and 3 weeks later I called Jag UK about an issue and they informed me about the car's history and that there was no warranty etc.

Contacted Mr Fraser immediately (he is a very amiable guy with all the plausible chat etc so do not be conned by his 'manner') who said he knew nothing about this and he bought it from another and would check etc.

Did some more digging and found the original auction advert that the car was sold on from MotorHog.

Advert clearly detailed the insurance history and flood damage etc but not the lack of warranty - also clearly stated that the car was not recorded on any HPI - obviously to help the sale!!

Mr Karlsen denied buying it from auction saying he had no account with any auction sites and reiterated that he had bought it from another.

Contacted the Insurance company that sold the car on through the salvage company at auction and they have confirmed that Fraser Karlsen/ did buy the car from the auction and that he was made aware of the lack of warranty.

Out and out liar!!!!

Once I detailed all the 'evidence' above and that I knew he had fraudulently sold me the vehicle he no longer answers the telephone and the website is mysteriously down at the time of writing.

Legal action is being started and the police will be involved

Stay away from this crook!!!!!!

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