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Country United States
State Alabama

GetAquaMask Reviews

  • May 26, 2017

I placed an order for two aquamasks on the 8th April 2017 for the amount of $186.89 including express shipping (3 days with tracking). Today is 25th May 2017 (48 days later) and my items have not been shipped yet. After sending a number of emails, the vendor refunded me only $53 which was supposedly for my express shipping. After sending a number of direct messages to the vendor Instagram account, I was told that "this is a nightmare experience" (not sure what that was supposed to mean) and that the rest of my order will be refunded in full amount. Of course nothing happened after that.. And I do got spontaneous emails from the vendor assuring me the order will be processed. About this scam seller. His site is based on shopify, he has no address, no phone to be reached, uses Gmail and most likely dropships from aliexpress. I stead of ordering through him, order directly from aliexpress (plenty of suppliers there for this exact product) and avoid the risk of your money to be stolen like mine.

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