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Get Set Consulting, LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Palm Springs
Address 1732 S Congress Ave STE 339
Phone 888-873-4322

Get Set Consulting, LLC Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2017

In January 2014, I was contacted by Judi Lisbin regarding Get Set Consulting (GSC), LLC, debt elimination program. Ms. Lisbin stated GSC could help me eliminate my debt for $491.00 month for 36 months and then I would be debt free. I agreed and was sent a contract by Lyn Seagrave. I e-signed the contract and began the program. Within a few months, Ms Lisbin was no longer my Account Manager and I was transferred to Ms. Lori Garmer. In August 2014, I emailed Ms. Garmer to inform her that I no longer wanted to be part of their program because they were not keeping me abreast of what was happening with my accounts either via email, phone call or via the dashboard they said in their contract, they would have up and running for their clients. Ms. Garmer assured me 'everything was fine' and encouraged me to stick with the program. Unfortunately I did.

In November 2014, I was given Danielle Richardson as an Account Manager. Under Ms. Richardson I found out that GSC had settled an account with Chase. A plus. April 2015, Jessica Lum was my account manager. I got sued by Capital One for a lousy $3000. I immediately called GSC and asked what happened as I NEVER saw anything in the mail for a court date or anything mentioning any type of settlement. GCSs response....'Sometimes these things happen. We'll take care of it.' Well guess who took care of it. Me. I ended up paying half of the amount and following up with the credit bureaus myself to have the judgements removed from credit report once I paid the judgements off. Now I'm really disgusted and I want out of the contract.

On to account manager Lisa Crane. She and I talked a few times but then the communication with GSC stopped again. No matter how many times I called and left messages with their answering service, or left emails (and YES I have ALL the email traffic), no one would return my call or emails. In good faith, I still kept making my payments to GSC and they still kept cashing them until January 2017. On January 30, 2017 I received a call from a company that said that they had bought Get Set Consulting and that they could finish settling my accounts for $491.00 for ANOTHER 3 YEARS!!! (EVEN AFTER ALL THAT TIME I STILL HAD THREE THAT HAD NOT BEEN RESOLVED... AND I ONLY ENROLLED 6 IN THE PROGRAM!!) I told the new company that what they were offering was ludicrous and they offered to do settlement only for one of my accounts. Initially I was going to let them, but this experience with GSC sounds fishy and the companies could be linked.

I am actively seeking $5892.00 from GSC to settle my final accounts. This is equal to $491.00 x 12 months or the amount of time I believe it would take for one company to buy another company. Please note the Registered Agent for Get Set Consulting is Steven Weinberg. I have also emailed Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and the Florida Consumer Protection Board with no response from anyone. I sent emails at the beginning of February and have heard from no one.

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