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  • Jul 25, 2016

Emily Thompson showed me a wedding video claiming it was hers. I wanted her to do my wedding photography and videography. I signed the contract under the impression that the work I had seen was hers. Once signing the contracting she collected $1900 within 4 months, sending messages trying to get me to pay more stating that I would receive a free canvas print. After getting messages from her to not pay any attention if a girl messaged me because she was sending slander I started to worry. Then Emily changed her phone number and business name and I really became worried. I realized she had never posted a wedding video that was hers so I asked her about this and she said it took up too much room to post them. I did some research and was able to find the video she sent me on another company's website.

I questioned Emily about this and she told me she worked with this company in the making of the video and would be in contact with them about sending one of their team members to help with my wedding. I sent the other company an email asking if what Emily was saying had any truth to it and sure enough they do not even know who Emily Thompson is. After confronting Emily she stated she was confused and would be contacting them. After this I asked for a refund as I could tell I was being lied to. Since then She has told me she would give me a refund but needed me send a letter in writing saying I needed to cancel the contract. I have not gotten a refund so I am now handling this legally. I have found out that I am one of many who have been scammed by her. She has taken it so far as to not even show up to a brides wedding without them having any notice.

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