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Gerry Bedard

Country Canada
City Almonte, Ontario
Address 184 James Street / 83 Johanna Street
Phone 873 353 1942

Gerry Bedard Reviews

  • May 22, 2019

Beware of this house rental in Almonte, Ontario. Offers rental at low price and then basically threatens tenants income sources if you don't want to do a rent to own option as NO legitimate insurance company will insure a property that has non stop, ongoing water damage that no efforts have been made to stop.

You cannot hold a mortgage with any legitimate financial institution when this is happening. There is stachybotrys mould that they refuse to deal with and they harass and bully and tamper with your affairs if you don't want to buy it. House previously sat on the market for over a year with no offers and they attempted to conceal a 5 foot long foundation crack with wood that just made the mould problem worse.

There is no floor, sump, weeping tile, drain, or window that opens. He refuses to share insurance details, likely because he either has none, or has not told the mortgage holder of the ongoing long term flooding issues that happen right next to the electrical panel. He uses the rental as bait, and confronts you on assumptions surrounding your personal and private affairs.

I would hate to see for a disadvantaged person to end up a victim of what appears to be organized crime in the great scheme of things. Possibility that this is connected with mortgagezen and other illegal financial activities that are listed on the fsco authority website. Very aggressive tactics and extreme economic interference to try and force people to buy, preys on innocent people going through hard times.

I've spent several thousand dollars without any reimbursement. Some of which I was told in writing would be reimbursed and wasn't. Will show up unannounced several days in a row and walk in on people in the bathroom, creates added hazards, tries to extort for more monies than are allowable, and has breached essentially every section of the landlord tenant act.

Literally went to the extent of interfering with income sources and obstructing an insurance process after I was hit by a truck. BEWARE THERE ARE ELEMENTS OF STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE PRESENT. Multiple inspections have been done at my own expense proving the extent of damage, owner ignores them and tries to capitalize on tenants betterment twice.

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