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George Bosy

Country United States
State California
City San Juan Capistrano
Address 27136 Paseo Espada #124
Phone 949-544-3510

George Bosy Reviews

  • Oct 5, 2015

My story is like several of you that have posted…I too was referred to Dawn McGraw of Go Clean Credit November 14, 2013 from Brandon Miceli (Loan Officer) with Stearns. I met with Dawn and she stated she would work to remove the negative housing credit on my report through what was called the “Expungement Program”. I always prided myself on being a hard worker, helping others, and paying my bills on time. Unfortunately, I chose to help family regarding two homes and then the housing market crashed, and I was left with bad credit. So, when Dawn seemed to understand and said she could help, I was overjoyed and hopeful things were looking up for me. I looked up Dawn and Go Clean Credit in Tempe, Arizona; no alarming reviews found.

January 2014, I worked with Dawn McGraw very closely (emails, phone calls, and office visits) discussing my credit report, issues with the report, and provided her several documents as she requested (i.e. foreclosure, mortgage coupon/statements, confirming property addresses, etc.). At this time I was waiting to receive the contract from her (she reported needing to make some final revisions), and pay the required fee of $4,000 to assist me with my credit issues. On January 31, 2014 I received an email from Dawn stating, “So sorry Tina - will be getting it out to you today for sure. The contract is generated by a system and I have been trying to get them to include the ability for me to edit it for your case. I haven't been able to get the new version yet so I am just going to send it the old one to you with my handwritten edits and initials if that's OK. I will need to send you 2 contracts, one for each property, but we are including both in the single property price. I will also need a disclaimer from you about the potential implications to current tenants of the one property - it can be very simple if you could write a letter to that effect for me. Thank you for your patience! Dawn.” I include this because Dawn McGraw was my point person and with whom I believed I had the contract with. In addition, she is just as fraudulent as George is Bosy, especially now that there are others and she still accepted our money.

Dawn, did not speak of, or connect me with George Bosy until February 11, 2014. On March 18, 2014 Dawn informed me that she received my check for $4,000 (and I was told I had to sign-up for a credit check program that cost me $14.97 a month) and per the contract “Completion of program typically takes 90 business days, but could possibly take as long as six months.” For the first several months I had regular contact with Dawn and many times Dawn scheduled a conference call where George joined in providing updates where he was in court or conversation addressing my case, and making great strides to have both removed from my credit. After much time had passed and remembering statements from the contract; around March 2015 I began to question the status of my case and wanted a 100% refund as the contracts refund policy indicated I was entitled to.

Dawn continued to respond to all my emails, but she only stated my business/issue was with George and not her. She reported she had not been able to reach George herself. I tried to contact George by email and all the numbers listed for him to no avail. In my attempts to find George I found a California address. If this is the case he’s not allowed to provide legal advice across the states, which Dawn failed to communicate. And, with further research I found George Bosy is nowhere listed as a board approved licensed attorney.

I just stopped the $14.97 this past September from being automatically withdrawn from my account (for the past 18 months they have received $269.46, plus $4,000, plus pain and suffering…and I want MY MONEY BACK! I plan to contact the Attorney General’s office and whomever else I can to stop the practices of Dawn McGraw and George Bosy; and have them brought up on legal charges and refund me all that is owed.

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