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Genesis Digital LLC

Country United States
State California
City La Jolla
Address 7660 Fay Ave Ste H184
Phone 1 872-777-2727

Genesis Digital LLC Reviews

  • Nov 6, 2019

This company charges $475 to create even one webinar, and you must sign up for 1 year. After 2 months I realized this webinar stuff was stupid and did not help my business in the slightest. I cancelled the rebilling on my Paypal account and suddenly the company deleted my entire access and webinar make the webinar link on my site fail.

They violated their 12 month contract by cancelling my account and taking down my webinar. It took me time and money to remove all webinar links, squeeze pages, etc from my site because I didn't want to leave a broken link. I emailed the company and they responded two days later and asked them to refund my 10 months worth of time unused.

They said no and have a stupid generic response about their boss beheading employees who give any refunds. I received an email a day later saying that they reactivated my account and would give me 3 months of additional time on the end of my account.

I said no, your webinar didn't work to improve my sales AND you violated our 12 month contractor when you temporarily disabled my webinar and blocked my access. You also caused me time and money having to remove all links to the webinar and squeeze pages when you took my webinar offline. I'm not doing business with you anymore.

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