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General RV Center

Country United States
State Florida
City Dover
Address 13396 E US Highway 92
Phone 813-305-2500

General RV Center Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

RV Repair needed: Replace slide out flooring and topper, realign slide out. Replace AC control board :

Monday, June 29: Showed up at General RV, Birch Run for repairs. Appointment made for 9AM, Thursday, July 2.

Thursday, July 2: Showed up for appointment. Waited about ½ hour, service informed me that even though I had appointment, they had several people quit and would not be able to take in my RV today. I explained my husband was out of town, I had driven by myself, can they give me ride home and keep my RV to repair? Exception was made, and I was given ride home.


Friday, July 10: Insurance requests pictures of damage be sent to them for review

Thursday, July 16: Service department sent pictures to insurance

Tuesday, July 18: Advised service that insurance will not cover, to please continue with repairs, I am charged for parts.

Thursday, August 6:

TEXT from service: “......your floor will be here on 8-12-2020.”

Wednesday, August 12:

TEXT from me: “yay, the parts are out for delivery”

TEXT from service: “.....I'll communicate with my shipping and receiving department to get them checked in right away.”

Thursday, August 13:

TEXT from service: (Service realized that two purchase orders had been done but only 1 shipped) “...I'm looking for an ETA right now and I'll call you back with that information.”


Monday, August 17:

TEXT from me: “.....has the other part been shipped?”

Thursday, August 20:

TEXT from service: “.....Everything is here. I just put the work order in the shop. I'm still working on the AC control board.”

Friday, August 21:

TEXT from service: “.....we have your AC control board in stock apparently.” (I pay for board)

Tuesday, August 25:

TEXT from service: “We are working on your unit right now. I don't have a solid pick date yet, but I should have an idea by the end of the day.”


Monday, August 31:

TEXT from service: “We are still working your slideroom floor. We are making headway, but I don't (h)ave a solid ETA yet.”

Thursday, September 3:

TEXT from me: “Will it be done this week”?

TEXT from service: “It will not be. I was just told that we ordered the wrong size slide topper.”

Thursday, September 17:

TEXT from service: "I have a ship date of 9-20 from Thor. On that date I should have tracking to verify that this part has left and is in transit to us."

Monday, September 28:

Received call from General RV service after sending e-mail to management on September 27. They said I could come get RV and use even though correct topper not received yet.

Friday, October 2:

Went to pick up RV and slide out is going out crooked, same issue that we had brought in for repair to begin with. Left without RV.

Monday, October 5:

TEXT from service: “we have been a little backed up and should be pulling your coach back in the bay tomorrow to get it looked at. And our system has been down. So waiting on an updated eta for the topper.”

I rent out the RV and had to cancel 4 bookings from July 16th to August 28th for a loss of $4008.00. So far the cost of parts, labor, fedex charges, shop costs, etc. is over $5000.00.

  • Aug 6, 2019

I am a Combat Disabled Veteran and purchased a 2018 Used Class A from this company! They failed to disclose the laundry list of nightmare issues the coach had and only told me that the first owners traded it in because they wanted something bigger! I was blinded by first time buyer eagerness and missed the telltale signs of issues a savvier RV enthusiast would catch.

I tried to work with this company for 3 months to get the issues fixed. All I got was stress, bad customer service and shoddy repair work that would require taking the coach back almost immediately. My coach spent more time in the shop than its intended purpose! Finally, after 3 months I had enough and took it back to trade in for a new coach under warranty.

Before negotiating with the Sales Manager, I had the General Manager come over to explain to him why I was treading the 2018 coach back in....that was a joke.... they offered me 20 thousand dollars less than I paid just 3 months earlier. Long Story Short I ended up losing 15 thousand dollars on trade in and upgrades that were Non-Transferable!

I filed a BBB Complaint and it took them 9 months to finally respond "It was my choice to Trade in the Coach” Whatever happened to Customer Service and Standing Behind the Product You Sell? They knowingly sold me a coach with tons of issues that I have all the pictures and email correspondence with the Operations Manager!

I was medically Retired due to my Combat Injuries and the stress of this situation became overwhelming to the point that I could not take it anymore...I realized that I was not going to get an even trade but they raked me over the coals...they refused to transfer upgrades that I had paid almost $5000.00 dollars for on the used coach and ultimately I had to agree to a $10,000.00 dollar loss on trade in to get out from under the coach they sold me.

  • May 15, 2018

I went in to your Huntley, IL location in 2016 and Paid in full for a brand new Camper. You delivered it to my camp sit and I have not been able to get any service or warranty work scene then. I have called this location many times and get the run around. I was told because I paid in full that day that, they must have lost my paperwork. I sent over the bill of sale and still cant get any of the warranty work done. all of this work was reported in 2016 & 2017 & 2018

I was promised an inlay for my sink that should have come with my unit but was missed placed by your company still have not gotten that. as well as the cover for the exhaust fan for above the stove which was not delivered with the unit. I called in for the built in lighting on the awning which has not worked at all. I called at the begin of this season again for all this work and was told that they do not plan on doing any of it. I paid a lot of money for this unit and it has a warranty and missing parts this locations will not honor

  • May 10, 2018

On 30 April 2016 I purchased a 2009, 31 foot class C Four Winds Chateau for $59,567.30 from General RV in Birch Run, Michigan. On 23 January 2017 I noticed some delaminating on the side of the coach between the door and slide out while in Florida. I had a licensed RV Technician in Florida inspect the roof, and he said "How soon can you get this back to Michigan?" He went on to say "This has to be worked on indoors because in has dry rot in it." My calls and emails to General RV regarding the matter went unanswered.

On the way back to Michigan, I stopped at a reputable Repair and Restoration shop in Elkhart, Indiana on the first week of March 2017 and they determined the same thing, however, they could not determine to what extent until they got into it. I emailed General RV and requested they help defray the cost of the repairs with no response. On the first week of May 2017 the repair shop was finally able to have me return and leave the RV with them. I contacted the extended service company and they refused to accept any claim regarding water damage.

The Repair shop in Elkhart determined the dry rot was so extensive the roof, side, and rear cap had to be completely replaced. The unit would also have to be repainted to make everything match up. The foreman in Elkhart wrote a statement declaring this was due to one to two years of neglect and it occurred prior to my purchasing the motor home. It was a long time in the making. This was obvious to the trained eyes of the General RV personnel especially when taking a unit as a trade in, which this particular unit was (General RV Location: Canton, Ohio).

In the RV business, like any other, the name of the game is to find as many reasons as possible to trade low and sell high. This is how I know General RV knew about the dry rot but did not disclose it. The Operations Manager said I should have brought it to General RV first. They never returned my emails or phone calls in the first place. When I picked up the motor home at General RV, on the date of purchase, I was told it was completely inspected, the roof caulked, and there was no sign of leaks. That was a lie. Besides the major issue of the dry rot, there was a running board that fell off, a water heater with a pin hole in the tank, rubber stripping coming off the coach exterior, cracked decals, the seats blistered, a new TV that had to be refitted because the original TV died from a defective sound card, and the camera control module/radio had to be replaced because the rollers literally went up in smoke.

The total bill came to $40,000 which financially devastated me. By this time General RV was asking for the approximately 150 photos the repair facility in Elkhart took of the damage in various stages of repair of the dry rot. I mailed them to the Operations Manager at General RV on a flash drive. I spoke with the Operations Manager at General RV and he indicated he received the photos of the damage and that General RV was not going to pay for any of the repairs. The Operations manager even said "why don't you just sell it to someone else?" Having the repairs done in Elkhart was the right choice because I knew it would get done and get done right. The facts were also made known by dealing with an objective and reputable third party for the repairs.

  • Apr 22, 2018

We are close to our 80's and we on a fixed budget. We cannot afford to pay for something we can't use. This is about the motor home we did not want and were forced by threats to buy from General RV in Huntley, IL. The reason we changed our minds about buying the motor home was that we realized it was too small to accommodate both of us and our 2 cats. Oct. 3, 2017 - My husband and I saw a motor home online for sale at their General RV Corporate office in Michigan. We went to their Huntley dealership and met Kris Kilpatrick, who was our salesman. He said he would have the motor home brought to Huntley for us to see. He

suggested that we sign all of the preliminary forms before the motor home arrived, and if we liked it, we would only need to sign the final forms. We thought that sounded fair so we were sent to Anthony Longobardi who gave us the forms to sign. We signed papers requesting a loan at several banks to get the best rate. He told us we would sign the final forms after we accepted the motor home. Therefore, we were not given any paper work at that time. We asked him if we could get our deposit returned if we did not like the motor home, and he assured us several times that we could. Oct.05/17 I sent Kris a text of a picture of the motor home we saw

online, the one at their corporate office, showing a price of $18K and asked him why we were being charged for $23,983.00, including our trade-in. Kris said as a dealer, we price accordingly to engine condition, tire condition, inside and overall condition (even though it is the same motor home?). We gave you $1K over blue book price for you trade-in. We will make it 100% golden and road worthy for you on your delivery (which they did not do). We told him we had already gotten a trade in price from another dealer for $6K so how could you give us $2K over that: We would like to make an offer of $18K. He told us we have already done business

with you (we were a former customer) so I will get together with the other store (in Michigan) and see what's possible as it is not our unit. I promise that we will do everything in our power to keep you happy General RV customers. Oct. 09, 2017 - Before the motor home arrived, we went to General RV again and told Kris we did not want the motor home. We asked if he had other Class B motor homes but he said not in our price range. Oct. 09, 2017 - Our deposit was refunded from General RV Corporate after we told our Chase Bank there was a dispute because we did not want the motor home. Kris texted us: It is here and it is awesome. We told him

we are sorry, but as we told you last Saturday, we need a class C motor home and you told us you do not have one in our price range. No thanks, that does not give us the room we need for our cats. We need a class C. Our deposit has been returned to us from Corporate so there is nothing more to say. Anthony told us we would not sign the final forms until we saw the camper and accepted it, which we have not done. We have received a refund from Corporate for the deposit. We will get a lawyer if we need to and will definitely report you to the BBB. Kris told us: Well I am happy you two found a more fitting unit. Let me know if you ever have

questions on it when you two are out and about. We said Thank you and goodbye. Texted to us from Kris later the same day: My manager would like to speak with you. His name is Cen Sosloski and he will be calling you. He left several messages to call him. Oct. 10, 2017 Kris texted us: You need to pick up the motor home. We said again we do not want the motor home. Kris said his General manager, Cen Salisoski, wants you to call him I did not want to call him because I knew he would give us a hard time, but my husband called him to see what he had to say. He was just what I was afraid of: Cen was full of lies, along with pressure and arm-

twisting!! He is a rude and manipulative man. Cen threatened my hubby and I to purchase the motor home. The threat was that he had our down payment (which was a lie because Corporate had already refunded it to us on 10/09) and we had to buy the motor home. He would not listen to us when we told him several times that we had the deposit returned! My husband instead offered to pay transportation charges for the motor home, but that was not acceptable to Cen. He went on to say he would send in the application we filled out for a loan and we would have to start paying for the motor home whether we wanted it or not. He also said if we

did not pick up the motor home, he would charge us for every day the motor home was sitting on his lot. Then he hung up on us. Oct. 11, 2017 - We were so afraid Cen would send the loan application in that we went to General RV, signed the final papers, with Cen still insisting that he had the down payment, so the down payment was deducted from the contract. We paid the balance with a Cashiers Check instead of taking a loan because we did not trust that Cen would not send our loan application in. We were not allowed to see the motor home until we signed the final forms. After the sale, when we were going to drive the motor home, we

also saw there was damage on the back panel but they did not offer to repair it or offer us a discount. My husband was getting ready to drive it home when the engine light went on. My husband was angry and went back and talked to a Jim Wheeler. He said we should take it to a Dodge repair shop, pay for the repairs, which were over $2,000, and he would turn the bill into Corporate to reimburse us. However, when General RV received our bill, they finally found out the deposit had been returned to us and they would not reimburse us. Oct 17, 2017- Jim Wheeler called us and said we owed them the deposit before Corporate will reimburse us

for repairing the motor home. We told him we had talked with our lawyer and would exchange checks for what is owed each other, and he said he would ask Corporate if that was agreeable with them. Never heard from anyone at General RV or Corporate. Oct. 25, 2017 - Have heard nothing from General RV. I called Corporate and talked with Chris Miller who I had emailed about this. He was one of several I had emailed at Corporate about my complaint and he said we could sell the motor home back to General RV at wholesale price or trade it in to General RV, but by this time, we had been told so many lies, that we do not trust or want to do

business with General RV ever again. By the way, Chris never mentioned the deposit or reimbursement. Nov. 10, 2017 - We were sent a copy of a letter dated 10/12/17 from Realene St. Clair, Senior Executive Assistant, Accounting Dept. at General RV corporate. My husband called and asked her where our check for repairs was, and she said she would call back, but we did not hear from her. Nov.18, 2017 - My husband called her again, and finally we received the check for reimbursement. We then sent General RV the 5K deposit check. Why did General RV send us a copy of an unsigned receipt for $5K from our Chase credit card for my husband, William

Lux? He did not sign this receipt. We would like to receive compensation for being threatened to buy an RV we did not want. After all we have been thru for over 2 months, it is the least they can do for us. Obviously we will never do business again with General RV, who by the way, is not authorized by the BBB, and out of 300 complaints online, they have only resolved 3.

  • Nov 28, 2017

My husband and I purchased a fifth wheeler from general RV on October, 31st, 2015 and are very disappointed with their customer services. General RV promised us a thermal package to be added to the price of our purchased and we came to find out that this thermal package does not exist. The first year we had it in Ohio, our pipes froze. We attempted to go back to General RV to get this resolved and they stated that we should get a hold of the makers of our fifth wheeler. Prime Time informed us that it was not their agreement and that general RV had to deal with it since they offered us this thermal package General RV agreed to fix the pipes but wanted to charge us for it when we already paid for this thermal package. We also had issues with the heater after a year of the purchase. The next issue we had was when an outlet came out of the wall which is very dangerous because of exposed wires and General RV refused to send us another one. General RV expected us to go to a hardware store for these items at our own expense and time. I'm very angry that I made a big purchase and have had so many issues with this camper and I have received no help from general RV where we purchased it from. I would never recommend this particular company, General RV because they have poor customer services and i do not stand by their agreements!

  • Jul 8, 2017

Update from latest service - unit dropped off on 6-12-17 and told it would take a week and a half. After several calls to General Rv (some returned and some ignored by people who obviously believe they are too important to return calls from paying customers) my husband has been yelled at for me posting a review on Facebook, and promised things that never happened. We were assured we would have our unit back before the holiday weekend and to continue with our vacation plans. Well 8 days after the promise date (and 6 phone calls later, each being told the next day with our unit never getting priority knowing that vacation days were used and plans were made based off of the promise given) we were told we could pick it up on 7-6-17 (so much for that vacation). When we get there and they pull the unit around to the front, the real nightmare begins. The repair work done on our unit was worse than the damages to begin with. Paint doesn't match, paint runs, dirt in paint, overspray everywhere, caulking used was wrong color and poorly applied, new scratches and scuffs just to mention a few problems.

Then moving on to the inside of the unit that was dropped off clean. They had a few repairs that needed to do since January. Well some were done and some we were told they were still waiting on parts (like our doghouse that was damaged) apparently it is supposed to be acceptable to wait 6 months and still not have parts. The door they replaced because it was cracked was filthy, the toilet seat they replaced, also dirty. There are greasy handprints and smudges from workers inside the unit and glue on the fabric near a place they repaired trim. The service guy said there was no way they used glue yet on printout it states, removed old glue and reattached. The stainless steel fridge had something splattered on in and when I pointed it out to Greg he walked over and ran his finger down the fridge against the grain, because that isn't exactly how you scratch stainless? Obviously showing no regard to our property. There were new scratches in the woodwork that they tried covering up with crayon. You can see it from outside the unit it is so large and poorly fixed. Greg mentioned several times about having it cleaned before we picked it up, another empty promise. Our slide outs needed adjusted before delivery of our unit, never done, asked to have them adjusted both times it went into service, never done. The body work and paint issues are from the slide out cracking our wall which service said was due to spot weld coming loose so they "fixed" that (hopefully better than other repairs) but the slide outs were still not adjusted and making the same noises as before. Service guy said that they would need to adjust those the next time it is in. I also heard at least a half a dozen times or so that ALL UNITS DO THAT!

Really?!? I do not believe that all units grind parts of the floor out while the slide out goes in and out or that all units hit the side hard enough to break spot welds and crack walls. I believe these issues could have been prevented (or damages lessened) if the proper maintenance was given by the dealership. I do not believe that all units have wiper issues where the wipers go off the side of the windshield while driving down the road in heavy rain. Not fixed properly this could cause an accident. Yet my repair printout states "do not know how to correct this problem" and the unit was returned. The only thing we have gotten to date.... excuses, more damage, and empty promises. The unit we purchased brand new in January now looks like it has been repaired in someone's backyard and is only warranted for 90 days (so much for the manufacturer warranty or extended warranty we purchased)! Never an apology for lost time, ruined vacation plans, or destroying our unit. Just a "well go use it for the summer and bring it back at the end of the season since we don't want you to miss anymore camping time". Was that supposed to make me feel like you cared, meanwhile every time we use it, we create more damage because you haven't managed to fix it in the first six months! Really General RV? This is customer service and repair work? I bought a new unit that is no longer close to new from no fault of my own. What rights do I have as a consumer?

  • May 11, 2017

GENERAL RV BUYER BEWARE ! Horrible customer service and unethical business practices. If you can help, please contact us, we are exasperated and amazed at the lack of response from General RV.

We purchased a used 2016 Thor Palazzo from General RV in Dec 2016 and as of now NO TITLE OR TAGS !! Major complaints. All proof and documents can be provided.

1 The odometer was showing approximately 7000 miles less than actual miles on the vehicle with no placard or sticker of warning.

2 As of this complaint writing 5/10/2017 we still do not have tags or title on a vehicle purchased at the end of last year Dec 2016.

We have been making payments for the RV, insurance and storage on a vehicle that we cannot legally drive.

We have visited the dealership and made numerous calls to the local dealership speaking to Bryan Beck and Steve Ratcliffe as well as headquarters in Michigan speaking to Chris Davis and given excuse after excuse as to why the delay has been so long.

It seems that General RV never even filled the paperwork until March or sent payment in for tags until May 2017.

3. At the time of purchase, Bryan Beck Finance manager used fictitious income amounts to get loan approved. He inflated our income by over 100,000 to make the deal happen saying that Bank of America allowed him to inflate income due to us owning property.

We have reached out many times to the local General RV dealership and corporate for them to either take the Rv back and we pay for usage, or provide us with tags/title and compensate losses, but all to no avail.

  • Mar 9, 2017

I love my RV, its my second from General RV, however the service at Orange Park, FL is terrible. I want to share this to protect future consumers. DO NOT SERVICE YOUR RV AT ORANGE PARK GENERAL RV.

My first RV was a Thor, it was fun, entry level. It had some minor issues, but the biggest problem was the leveling. I took it in and told them its not right, ive seen the electrical diagram and i think its wired wrong. The left front and right rear went down when maually leveling left. I made an appointment, for 3 months later (soonest available). A month after it sat there, i got an update, its being worked on. A week later i was told a wire harness needed replaced. A month later the leveling motor was "bad", a month later it was ready. 6 months after the initial call i got my RV back, 3 month at their facility. Ive had a previous encounter with them for a warranty repair that i wasnt thrilled about so i made sure they showed me that it worked.

It didnt it was exactly the same. Does insurance scam come to mind? A made a fuss, a tech came out fixed the original issues in 5 minutes while i sat there watch and it was exactly what i told them the wires were crossed. They told me that they were expanding soon and were just short staffed.

Now i have a new RV, a much nicer RV. I bought from them, got a good deal, had it brought down from MI, it had damage to the floor from a screw under a slide, deal was they would fix it same day because i want nothing to do with their service. I came to my appointment post renovations, more staff, new facilities added....they asked me to leave it cause they were short staffed but i can get it tomorrow. I'm a reasonable person so i agreed. Mind you this is a 45 minute drive with no traffic 1hr plus at the wrong time. No one called me ahead of time, my appt was first thing in the morning. I had a day off now, thanks General RV, I work hourly, are you going to pay me for that time? The next day, I picked up my RV, the tiles were fixed, it was filthy, the service rep said when i noted a scrath that it was dirty but could be from the slide. I shrugged it off, im leaving on a trip once its clean, ill know. It was cleaned today. Grease hand prints throughout, stained carpet 6 new damaged tiles. I called was told it was from the slide. I would have noticed. The scratch is clearly from the dinette that was removed, as an origin point and made an arch across the length of the RV. I closed the slide and provided photo evidence that it was not the slide. Oh yes when i got back home with the RV my power cord was missing, they kept it and damaged the adapter. They realize that i have no faith in them and that they messed up but the only way to resolve this is to put my RV back in their incapable hands. All i want is my RV detailed, I dont even want money and my broken adapter replaced but alas despite offering to come detail my vehicle now they are saying i need to take it in and you understand why thats a risk i cant take right?

  • Oct 27, 2016

The goal of any customer service initiative is to provide service before, during and after a transaction to create a level of goodwill which ensures future transactions and/or referrals. This goal must be exemplified by everyone within the organization; every individual whom meets a customer should understand that to provide exceptional service an issue may need to be escalated to someone who can provide resolution if they find themselves unable. Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a poorly executed customer service initiative when I purchased the Apex Nano BHS trailer for hunting.

The post-sale experience I endured can be described as deplorable; a heinous blend of injurious insult, flagrant disregard, and incompetence sprinkled with inaction. The trailer was delivered to a location approximately three miles from General RV’s location in Dover, FL with the intention of self-transporting the hunting trailer to Palmetto prior to journeying to Georgia. Once the vehicle was in Palmetto it was discovered that the lights were not functioning under battery power. A telephone call was placed to General RV of Tampa the next day regarding the concern; the suggested remedy was to charge the battery for a 24-hour period. “Should this be necessary on a brand-new coach?”, I asked myself. 24 hours passed, yet, the lights still failed to function on the battery only option. Knowing that the trailer will be leaving for Georgia in the morning I, again, telephone General RV of Tampa. This time I am directed to voice mail, and, after not receiving a return call within two hours I call back. Again, voice mail limbo. Experiencing mounting concern regarding the non-functioning feature I call General RV of Tampa again in the hopes that they will understand my need for a solid resolution. This time, with little attempt to be courteous or interested, the receptionist ushers me to my third stint in voice mail limbo.

Four hours into voice mail limbo I am invited to participate in a game of thoughtless troubleshooting in which no proposed alternative remedies the issue – unless one considers the suggestion of bringing the vehicle back in thirty hours after the initial reporting of the problem a remedy. Being unable to bring the vehicle in because I run a business myself the employee transfers me to the Pick Up and Delivery department where, again, I am left in voice mail limbo. Two hours pass with no response so, once again, I call General RV of Tampa. Or should I say I tested the effectiveness of their voice mail system for the 5th time? Six and a half hours after my initial call I am contacted by General RV of Tampa only to be told that all the drivers have gone home for the weekend. At this point in time I decide to postpone the trip to Georgia and take the trailer back to General RV of Tampa for diagnosis and repair. Upon picking the trailer up 48 hours later it is indicated that a converter had gone bad. Wouldn’t a pre-sale QA check have caught this?

Feeling confident that the issue has been resolved the trailer and I travel to a remote hunting location over 500 miles away in Georgia. The lights are working.... but not the hot water! After four days of cold showers in 42 degree weather action is required. After researching possible causes of the issue, and disassembling the bottom bunk to locate the offending valve I find 3 valves – all in the open position. This warrants the return to voice mail limbo in which, 500 miles away and exhausted from cold showers and even colder customer service, I ask Jason Cohan – the Operations Manager, to please have someone call me Monday morning. Is it even necessary at this time to say no return call was received or would that be a plot buster?

Returning to Siri for a solution I located an RV mechanic over 40 miles away from my remote hunting location. In one telephone call, which a human being answered, the gentleman resolved my cold-water issue for me. The only action required was to close the center valve.

Now, home from Georgia, I find that I must say how appalled I am with General RV of Tampa and their lack of customer service. With an unresponsive leadership at the helm can any customer expect a good experience? After 20 years of running a service oriented business myself I know the answer to that question – no, unequivocally no!

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