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General Motors Company

Country United States
State Michigan
City Detroit
Address P.O. BOX 33170
Phone 800-222-1020

General Motors Company Reviews

  • Dec 28, 2019

GM customer service and appreciation is so poor, I’ll never again purchase a GM product, after my husband and I have been loyal GM owners all our lives. On October 13th, we were in an unfortunate vehicle accident where my vehicle has been in the repair shop since October 17th.

Since this time, parts for my vehicle repair are still in an "Unknown” status. The dealership escalated parts with GM as unavailable on October 31st, however after not being able to receive an ETA, I reached out to GM directly to escalate this concern on December 3rd.

December 5th was able to speak to my case worker who reached out to the dealership on the same day. December 10th, I was finally provided an update from my case worker but only confirming all the details I already knew; My parts are unavailable, escalation has been file by dealership, and they would be sent when they are available (no ETA).

The only detail he provided me that I wasn’t aware of was GM wasn’t the point of contact, my dealership was and there was nothing more GM could do. My case worker was unsympathetic in every conversation we’ve had, only re-iterating the whole country has been impacted by the "GM strike".

I then emailed the CEO of Chevrolet, Mary Barra, on December 10th, in which I received another case work. After patiently waiting, finally received a call December 15th from my new case worker. This one was worst than the last in regards to customer service. Saying the same thing as the last case worker about the GM strike and parts not available, only worse, she kept insisting my case first escalated on December 10th.

I’m sure you can imagine how far my frustration had gone by this point. I requested to speak to her manager since it was obvious she was only performing the same actions as the last case worker, only more poorly. I was given a 24-48 hour turn around.

Finally, December 22, got a call from her manager and again got no where, no updare. Today is December 29 and GM still has no update on parts for my vehicle yet they are still pushing the same vehicles to production.

  • Oct 11, 2017

I have owned 2 generation 5 camaro Super Sports, the headlight assembly went bad 3 times on 2 different camaros. Both cars had less than 50K miles. The 2nd car is 3 years old!!!!! So am I supposed to believe that as a camaro ss owner I will be responsable for the $1300 headlight assembly every 2-4 years on top of payments and insurance? The assembly is a defective design and I want to be compensated for my time, money, and aggrivation by gm or chevrolet. I plan to get a class action lawyer if this is not resolved.

  • Sep 29, 2017

GM is not covering engine knock noise on gm crate motor in my 2007 cadillac that still has 1 year left in warranty they are telling me after 2 gm authorised dealships had been insdie the motor and unable to fix the knock noise. that they are not coing the engine and want me to contact who installed is.'

Here is the last reply I wrote after that

Original installation has nothing to do with this issue as 2 of your GM authorized mechanics have tried to fix the issue without success. at this point Gm certified mechanics at Fairway Chevy in Las Vegas have been inside the top end trying to fix the lifters that they told me were collapsed (did not fix issue). Then Ed Bozarth said it was the oil pickup down tube seal and when in the bottom end of the motor to replace that ( did not fix the issue). Th internal moving parts of the engine are covered under warranty and have ZERO to do with the current issues, especially since your GM certified mechanics at 2 different dealerships are the only ones that have been internal on this engine not 1 of this GM authorized dealerships said contact company that installed the engine. BECAUSE THE MOTOR IS WARRANTIED FROM GM FOR 3 years or 100,000 miles).

Now if i'm not mistaken Gm parts and labor is warrantied for a year itself. So given this information your are voiding all kinds of factory and GM dealerships Parts & Labor Warranty.

So what you are saying is the motor from GM Crate purchased from a GM authorized dealer with a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty that has a year left in warranty is not covered for the knock it has now. Plain and simple if your tell me that you are not going to cover my GM crate motor with 1 year remaining on this motor at this time.

I never came to a conclusion. and was not given any explanation of why i woul need to contact the Company that installed the motor. And that is why I filed with the Michigan State Attorney office and the BBB. This motor comes with a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty with 1 year remaining any you are making it sound like will not honor that warranty.

  • Aug 16, 2017

I bought new 2016 chevrolet malibu in december 2016. On 7/22/17 was on interstate in VA from home in SC. Suddenly lost steering control. Because the wheels were angled to right was able to get off the road. After sitting for a few minutes I tried the steering again and it worked. Found a nearby chevrolet dealership who couldn't help me & said drive it home. I drove car home pulled in driveway. Grabbed the steering wheel to exit because I am handicapped, and the whole steering column came back out of the shaft and hit me in the chest. Talked to chevrolet & gm and they won't even give me a courtesy car till all their investigations are done. My son starts school on 8/17/17. GM investigator opened door and said "well this is a new one" never seen this before" How many more like this?? How many will die before the investigations are done??

  • Mar 7, 2017

At 120,000 miles the vehicle begin exhibiting the issues as described in special warranty 14329 for power steering failure. I took the vehicle to the dealership who told me that while the same two parts listed in the warranty had failed they did not fail in the manner that is covered by the warranty. I find it very convenient that these two parts which do not fail routinely in vehicles failed within the warranty period but it was not caused but the warranty issue.

To expand on the issue the warranty covers a failure of the power steering pump to do internal damage. Mine was not covered because the seals of both the power steering pump and the steering gear were blown out. I know enough about cars to know that these seals do not just blow out under normal use. It seems sensible to me that internal damage caused the pressure to spike which blow out the seals

I have submitted a case to Chevy with number 8-2782147523 which has since been closed since as they put it my vehicle was repaired

In researching this issue I have found hundreds possibly thousands who have had the same issue with this warranty. I can't actually find anyone who has been successful in getting the warranty.

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