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Gem State Home Group

Country United States
State Idaho
City Coeur d'Alene
Address 111 N. 7th Street #868
Phone 1-888-886-8744

Gem State Home Group Reviews

  • Oct 23, 2019

Eric Faber is the sole owner of Gem State Home Group LLC and avoids service of legal documents by hiding his location behind his daughter's name and PO boxes. He has a two decades long track record of fraud and theft in CA and ID - a serial criminal and grifter. He made false claims about himself, his credentials, his associates, his billing and fees.

His mode of operation is to suck you in with promises of keeping costs low and then seriously pads the hours billed. In a dispute, even if there is a balance due to you based on the records, he will not reimburse. In our case, we have text, email and photo evidence that proves that he overcharged to the tune of $2200 for a $7300 job - a 30% over billing. He refuses to reimburse.

He failed to have the proper licensing, insurance and permits during a significant portion of the demolition of our home remodel. He has screwed over another home owner in the CDA area and has fraudulently hacked into email accounts and created profiles on real estate websites to further his ambitions. He has seriously damaged at least one local Idaho realtor both financially and by reputation. Stear way clear of Eric Faber, Gem State Home Group LLC and any associates. Chances are that Eric found his associate(s) on craigslist minutes before claiming that he has been working with them for years. It's a lie. Be Careful. Run screaming.

  • Oct 16, 2019

Steer clear of Eric Faber of Gem State Home Group. I hired Eric to do a remodel on my house in Coeur D'Alene, ID. He told me he had decades of experience remodeling homes in Los Angeles (he was never licensed in California and has mulitple judgements in that state)

He convinced me that he had an experienced crew in Idaho who he had employed on multiple previous projects. Turns out his "crew" was one guy who had just answered Eric's ad on craigslist a few days before my project was to get underway.

I wired thousands of dollars into Eric's Gem State Home Group account, entrusted him to do the work he promised to do. Eric lied about the hourly rate he was paying his subcontractor (who it turns out was really just an unqualified cheap handyman) I terminated the job early on and requested multiple times to send me a basic breakdown of the accounting for the job with reciepts so that we could determine the amount to be reimbursed back into my account. Eric refuses to send any documenation, accounting, reciepts etc. So he is basically stealing MY money!

After doing more research on Eric, I have found dozens of complaints, lawsuits, embezzlement and other malfeasance that involve he and his wife Debra. I guess Eric was forced to leave Los Angeles, running away from all the judgements there and tried to reinvent himself in Coeur D'Alene by starting Gem State Home Group in his daughters name. Well, Coeur D'Alene is very small town, word travels fast. I've learned my lesson that I didn't do this research beforehand. I am posting this in hopes that others will not fall prey to this horrible person.

If you have fallen victim to this con artist, please contact me. I have hired an attorney and will be going after him to the full extent of the law. This guy has NO moral compass, everything that spews out of his mouth are lies, he needs to be behind bars.

  • Nov 19, 2019

How can I contact you - I'm a victim also

Let me know if there's a safe way to contact you - be careful of Faber he's very dangerous.

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