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Gem Shopping Network Inc

Country United States
State Georgia
City Duluth
Address 3259 GA-120
Phone 770-622-5505

Gem Shopping Network Inc Reviews

  • Dec 28, 2019

The gym shopping network had an auction as they do many times. they started with zero dollars and they typically put three minutes on the clock which is what they did for me I was the only want to call Lynn and made an offer on a diamond in the time right now and at that time I told the sales rep the time ran out so I won the auction.

the sales rep sort of bumble that is talking and said all that wasn't enough for the guy trying to sell the diamond now we're going to have another auction for the same diamond they started another auction and in a matter of less than 60 seconds supposedly 11 people with call dad rent the price up to 14 or $15,000 then said sale and then it disappeared when I tried to call Lynn and file a complaint they've just pushed it under the rug I continue to neglect it and have not called back.

In principle I believe that the auction Sarah having our bogus and they are artificially marking up the prices so when you call Lynn and I want to buy something and bid on an auction and they feel it's not a high enough number they have fake people calling in and pushing the number up to artificially make it a higher number or they'll just do what they did to me I would not recommend buying from gem or thier v channel.

  • Aug 25, 2016

I purchased a pink (supposedly pink) diamond ring from Gem Shopping Network on Jan 07 2016. I received the item by

mail looked at the ring which seemed to me to be pink diamonds. I then placed the ring in my personal safe and thought I

received a good buy. On August 24 2016 I decided to have the ring checked by my personal jeweler, because on close

observation I noticed the pink color seemed to be questionable. My jeweler observed the ring and immediately told me the

diamonds were white but the color underneath the diamond settings were rose colored. I than went home and called the

Gem shopping network customer service dept. and explained my dilema. They told me 30 day money back guarantee was

expired and they would not allow me to return the ring for credit with an RMA number. They transfermed me to a person

by the name of clay who said he would look into the problem and call me back. I haven't heard from him nor anyone

else from the company.

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