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Geek Choice, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 800-433-5435

Geek Choice, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2017

Avoid this comapny at all cost - literally and figuratively. Best Buy has Geek Squad.

Matthew Mackey has Geek Fraud!!!

They showed up, billed my crediit card first (fine) and then told me they can't repair it. $300 pissed away.

They then refuse to reply to my email and then- get this- I call and speak to Matthew. Matthew says " I am personally going to take care of this myself. You have a legitimate complaint." Great I think- management really cares.

Lo and behold, Matthew doesn't show up, doesn't call to explain, doesn't return phone calls.

This company sucks terribly.

I was a first time user. Not looking for a fight. I even offered to pay more to get the problem fixed.

What a sorry excuse for professionalism.

Save your money, time and aggravation. Avoid Geek Fraud, dba Geek Choice.

  • Dec 16, 2015

Geek Choice sigend a contract with us and never paid us one penny even after

acknowledging that they owe us for the service we provided. I do not trust

one word that they say. I caution anyone doing business with them. Be careful.

If they made even the slightest attempt to honor their commitment, all would

be forgiven. They did not. In over 30 years of doing business Geek Choice

is att eh bottom of my list for trustworthyness.

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