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  • Jan 7, 2021

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What a nightmare! Purchased a $49.99 Oukitel A-29 smartwatch with magnetic charger on 11/27/15. Received it over a month later. Charger was defective & would not charge watch after 2 days. Gearbest required that I send photos and video of defective charger. Gearbest finally deemed that the charger was defective & would issue a replacement to be shipped within "3-5 business and to be delivered within 10-25 business days after dispatch".

Over 2 months have passed since I inquired about the replacement charger for my $49.99 Oukitel A29 Smartwatch. They responded to my first 2 inquiries, each a month apart, by saying they would reship the charger within "3-5 business and to be delivered within 10-25 business days after dispatch".

Another 30 days passed. No charger in sight. I again inquired about the charger, pointing out that over 2 months had passed since my first inquiry. Their answer was received within 24 hours, stating "As there maybe delay between the real stock and website updates. I have checked with our warehosue it is really not in stock now. Please wait 7 business days more for your order,but the exactly date depends on our manufactuer....Thank you for your understanding and collaboration."

My response was "I am not being patient or understanding after this length of time. I am VERY disappointed with how my requests have been handled. There is no good reason why I do not have a working charger for my watch after over 2 months!! It should be in stock! Your customer service is terrible!"

The same day they responded, "Thanks for your message.We empathise with your situation.

I have checked the stock of the item you have ordered, it is not in stock. We can not resend it for you. We can refund you instead USD 5 on your GB Wallet (store credit) and exceptionally reward you with extra points. You can use both your wallet and points to purchase your future products."

My answer to their offer was, "A $5 refund is not acceptable. Remember that I can not use the $49.99 watch that requires the charger. I will only be satisfied if I am refunded $49.99 to my Paypal account, the method used to pay for the product."

I am seeking a full refund for my purchase. It appears that a replacement charger for the watch was never available & I now have a watch that cannot be used.

  • Jun 11, 2020

I was looking to purchase a Hubsan Zino 2 drone. I went to the Hubsan website to purchase, but was re-directed to I found the drone on the Gearbest website, and purchased it for $399.99 on January 11, 2020. I paid for it with PayPal.

On January 17, 2020, I also purchased an extra drone battery and carrying bag for $80.00 on the Gearbest website. After several weeks of waiting on the shipping confirmation, which I never received, I contacted Gearbest Support on the website. I received a response that the drone was in high-demand, and it was on backorder.

I also contacted Gearbest Support in March and April 2020, and received the same response from Gearbest, the product was in high-demand, and is on backorder. Now, 5 months after the initial purchase, I still have not received the drone or heard from Gearbest.

  • Aug 25, 2017

GearBest was dumb enough to pretend to be the government of China when exporting my 3D printer so that they could avoid export tax charges. Unfortunately for me, this caused my package to be seized by my customs. Obviously, GearBest is f****** stupid for claiming to be the government of China when sending electronics. Now, GearBest refuses to provide a refund for their mistake and my credit card says that a chargeback cannot be done while the package is at customs.

  • Aug 24, 2017

I purchased an item for $130 with insurance. The correct tracking number was not provided until the day it was said to have been "delivered." And I never saw the package. And insurance only covered up until the point of delivery. Upon requested either a replacement or refund for my missing package they offered nothing. I persisted, and then they offered $4 store credit. I harangued them some more, and they offered to give to send a replacement, if I sent them another $80. Customer's shouldn't have to negotiate for shreds of decency.

  • May 6, 2017

On May 5, 2017, I made the purchase of one Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (order no: W1705031322127703) and, on the same day, I made the payment through EBANX, as shown below: ● Order n °: W1705031322127703; ● Day and time: 03/05/2017 | 15:23; ● PIN: 014256160; ● Original value in USD: $ 23.95; ● IOF: (0.38) R$ 0.31; ● VET: $ 3.37; ● Final value in BRL: R$ 80,78. However, on the Gearbest site, my order is canceled. So I'd like Gearbest to solve my problem so that the product I got is sent to me as it is. Thank you!

  • Mar 16, 2017

I ordered a Tank for my electronic cigarette almost a year ago. I never got it and depite me sending e-mails nrver heard from them finally I get a reply saying sorry theres nothing they can do since its been a year.

  • Jan 23, 2017

On October 30, 2016, I ordered Shinecon Glasses for 59.99 from this company. I never received them.

When I disputed the charge with the credit card company, they told me the company, GearBest, said there was "no error" - therefore, the dispute was closed.

However. GearBest still had my money and I had no glasses.

I opened a customer support ticket and for about a week I have been going back and forth with these people who pretend they want to help. In reality, they have no intention of giving you a refund.

I sent the credit card documentation three times. I was told they never received my order. If this is so, where did the 59.00 go.

And how could they have told my credit card company there was no error if they couldn't find my order?

I have already submitted a report against the credit card company. This is outrageous. Do not purchase anything from these people. They are crooks.

  • Jan 2, 2017

I charged a coat for my son with my childsupport debit card believing that this Gearbest company will send my order. I did not receive my order.

I was unable to contact them by phone and when I send and email it was always the same message. Your order is backed ordered. Or we are processing your order.

I ordered online November 21, 2016. I would like my money back. The order is $39.52

  • Jun 17, 2016

I run a business at my home and have surveillance cameras already and decided we wanted more coverage. We looked around and decided on a set from gearbest. The first thing that happened is they advertise free shipping but they charged me over 50 dollars for shipping so that was my first e-mail to them . Which they never did respond to my question to why the advertise (No Shipping) but charged me. So then for 3 months I have been e-mailing them to where my camera's are?? They send back to site that always said same thing (processing). Now 3 months later I get a message that says that they cannot get me my camera's at all . They gave me 2 choices. Both which includes them keeping my money and me picking something else from their site. I have told them three times NO. I just want my money put back on my card and they keep sending me the exact same message again and again. I've now told them that I want to talk to a supervisor Asap. So that's where I'm at now. Don't know what else to do.

  • May 2, 2016

This is a long review because I want anyone reading to be very clear as to the deceptive practices of this company. It is clear to me that this company is not yet ready to play well in the United States. I don’t want you to make the same error in judgment that I did. Please recall the adage “Caveat Emptor” - Let the buyer beware. BEWARE!!!

Here’s my story -

On Christmas day, 2015, my 8” Lenovo tablet died. It was just one week past its warranty period. Lenovo was “unable” to do anything.

So I began looking on the 26th for a replacement. I did not want to have to spend a lot on a tablet because my use of one is essentially limited to reading e-books, e-mail, minimal browsing and simple games.

After looking at numerous options I decided to go with the Cube T8 due to its reasonably good specs and reasonable price.

It can only be ordered from Gearbest – so that’s what I did. On the 26th I placed my order.

I received immediate confirmation that my order and been received and then that my payment had been received.

Being the holidays, and missing my tablet, I paid extra for “Expedited shipping”.

On 12/28/15 I received an email saying that I could expect delivery in 3-10 business days.

That would have placed delivery around Jan. 1st-11th.

It did not arrive until Jan. 20th. So much for “expedited” shipping.

When the tablet arrived I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the “feel” of the case. It seemed somewhat flimsy – especially compared to my Lenovo – but I figured “you get what you pay for”. The only major issue I discovered with the case was that when I read e-books it would often seem to page forward of its own accord. Holding it near the mid-right of the case apparently caused the case to flex which caused the touch screen to toggle.

The second really irritating “feature” of the tablet was its charger. The charger came in two pieces – the adapter plug which could be inserted into a US standard electrical outlet and the power adapter itself. This made for a very bulky combination – but, more to the point, the two parts wouldn’t stay together. I eventually had to Super Glue them together after numerous experiences of plugging the adapter in only to have it split apart and not charge the tablet.

On April 10th – not even three months after I received the tablet – it failed! I began to search for similar problems and possible fixes and found that several people had exactly the same problem – they received a message of low charge, plugged in the adapter and, after a reasonable period of charging (in my case overnight) the unit would not power on.

In each case where help was requested there was no information provided – just a very politely worded response saying something to the effect of “please place a formal ticket into our system and we will help you resolve the issue”.

Since there were no suggested steps to take I decided to follow the directions others had received.

I went onto Gearbest’s site and submitted a ticket saying what had transpired and asking for assistance.

Speaking of Gearbest’s site! It is the most circular, unhelpful and confounding experience I have ever had on a support site. I won’t even begin to describe the useless jumps and inaccurate instructions that you encounter. It was a nightmare to interface with.

The rest of this document is a copy of all the emails that went back and forth between me and Gearbest.

I am deleting some of the information that could be used to identify me or my purchase to maintain some semblence of protection against identity theft – but, this is what transpired.

Please note that the Tech assistant from Gearbest initially gives me two options – to return the tablet to China or to receive a $15 store credit.

Then, in a subsequent post, he suggests:

“I try to minimize the loss for you and I hope you could understand.

Therefore I don't advise you to return the package.

Please note that you need to cover the returning shipping fee in this option.

Can you please let me know your decision? First you may check with the post the cost to return the item before deciding.

Please note that you can consider the other solutions if you don't want to pay the shipping fee.”

The “other solutions” being a $15 store credit to a place I will NEVER do business with again.

My final disposition to this MESS.

I’m refusing to pay the nearly $30 that it would cost to ship this piece of (fill in the blank) back to China.

  • Mar 29, 2016

I ordered clothing from GearBest. When I recieved the items the clothing was not sewn together at the seams. Low quality material. Was told to send back items to China however the postage was 100.00 to do so. My purchase was 115.00. This was not a fair solution. I still would be out 100.00 dollars.

  • Dec 11, 2015

I was buying in this store for the first time, during one of thier "super deals event" Very fast I understood that's this store is nothing but good. I've had good exprience in the past with Ali Express DX and many others, but never somthing like that's First they said that's some of my items are out of stock, and I should choose if I want money into my store GB wallet or replacement. (I paid money for my Items so I want my money back) I trully respect people in China but this site should be out of market, ASAP. Never buy there, they are ripper and scammer

  • Dec 8, 2015

Gear best is a rip off you can't get your money back they dont give you a time for when your product will be shipped.. They dont have a phone you only talk threw email it's horrible I just lost my dad 1 month from today.. It's been really emotional for me and my family so I really wanted to get my son something really nice for Christmas and now he have nothing for Christmas I'm so hurt and confused!!

  • Dec 4, 2015

Gear best sold me defective products and will not contact me I been waiting for a month now. I just want what I payed for

  • Oct 28, 2015

I order products online more than 4 months ago from their online shopping website, i have not received my order not a decent explanation.

I have been given multiple waybills and after tracking them they have never left China.

i have requested time and time again for a speedy resolution but i am ignored. I used western union to pay them and now they are ignoring my pleas for assistance.

I have been scammed!! please be aware and be very weary.

  • Oct 20, 2015

The only possible communication with this company is through their website after what they call: enterilng a ticket. This is my conversation with them until they stopped responding. They have yet to ship anything or refund my money as requested. This company is a rip off. I have already reported them to PayPal and I am also going to report the transaction to my credit card company.

Susan At :10/13/2015 11:19:05 UTC

It was not revealed to me until after my order was processed and my money taken that this item was being shipped directly from China and was going to take a very long time to receive. I purchased this item as a birthday gift for my son who is away serving in the Army. His birthday is October 19th and if he will not receive this item by then...I want to cancel and get my money refunded.

Gearbest Customer Support  At :10/14/2015 01:39:25 UTC

Dear Susan,

Thank you for contacting Gearbest. We are so sorry for delay. I have checked the stock availability and I'm extremely pleased to inform you that the items you have ordered are in stock and are now ready for shipping. We kindly ask that you wait for one or two days more before you receive the tracking no. for the shipment. You can see the tracking information when you log into our website and review your order or you can contact with us again and we will give you the tracking no. along with the website where you can track the progress of the package. We kinldy hope that you can wait 1-2 days again, then you will receive the shipping email. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Best Regards

  • Sep 17, 2015

I ordered a quadcopter for my grandchildren. My credit card (through Paypal) was debited twice for the same item. The item has not arrived. Attempts to contact the company through their on-line site is impossible. They tell me that my order number is "not valid" or that the human test at the end is incorrect. There is no way I can contact them about my order. Since this has happened I found on the web "Problems with Gearbest" and found pages and pages of people who have been fleeced by this company just like I was. Somebody needs to put these people out of business so others aren't suckered in.

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