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GDS International

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Lincoln
Address 330 S 13th Street, suite 3210
Phone (402) 318-7202

GDS International Reviews

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  • Oct 6, 2017

Contacted by a Max Dennehey who was looking for people with backgrounds that would be qualified to hold securely and ship out packages to international customers. I signed very convincing corporate paperwork from a company, GDS International. I was to be on a one month trial at which time I would be paid a salary on a continued monthly basis. I was told I would be sent shipping supplies and their FedEx and UPS account numbers after my trial was over. In the meantime, I had to open, repackage and take boxes, some as large as 70 lbs in my car to UPS or FedEx locations using my car. They provided the shipping labels via email. I did not provide my payroll auto pay form until their merchandise arrived, as I was worried about their validity. Once I held their merchandise, I began to feel confident on our relationship.

Boxes were coming in on a daily basis and outgoing with regularity when all of a sudden, at my one month trial ending, all packages in and out ceased. I was never paid and no one would respond to my email requests nor phone call messages left through Shawna at Packagesbackoffice. It has now been over 6 weeks with no pay. I send my daily report with continued requests to have someone contact me, or gove me an HR or Payroll Deparyment number. I called the company this morning and was just hung up on after I began to express my concern over how i see things at this point. I tried the phone number for G D S Inernational off their web page, since I have only ever been given the number for packagesbackoffice, but the phone number just rings with no answer. I believe this company is a sham, therefore, my concern is that I am still in possession of 9 boxes of expensive merchandise sent to me under someone else's name with no place to go. To return these to the shipper will cost a huge amount of money due to their size and weight. I hope this is a good warning to other good people out there just trying to adapt to the new economy.

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