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GCG 24

Country United Kingdom
State Scotland
City Fife
Address Suite 6037, 15 Bell Street St Andrews
Phone 441772368050

GCG 24 Reviews

  • May 31, 2018

The first month was great , then my account manager Kevin Richmond ask me to invest more money to make more money. After I invested the additional funds, Kevin stopped contacting me then I was assigned a new account manager. After about two months, my account showed that I had $15k profit. However when I asked to withdraw some funds they never let me withdraw any money. They have lied to me so many times that I do not believe anything they say. I have kept a file on this company for almost two yrs. I have all of their corresponding emails to me and from them. Let me know if this will help with this matter.

GCG24 is definitely a fraud, they misrepresented themselves by falsely claiming that they could grow my funds to ten times my original investment. I invested a large of USD money and the comany representatives will not answer my emails or phone calls. I have reach out to them to try resolve this matter however, they have done nothing.

I have tried to withdraw some of my funds any it is rejected Kevin Richmond my account manager is worst liar in the world I believe. Also , his boss Andy Wilson is a fraud and he works with Kevin on scheming these types of frauds I would like to recover my funds and the profits my money has made. My account shows that I have $67,538.00 now however I dont know if this is truly whats real.

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