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Gator Danes

Country United States
State Florida
City Palm Bay
Address 458 Bougainvillea St NW

Gator Danes Reviews

  • Nov 29, 2016

The owners have sold at least 2 puppies under the legal age for the State of Florida Statue 928-29 CH. 4

And they falsified the sale date on the paperwork to make it appear legit.

This has been reported to the AKC and the State of Florida Agriculture Commission.

Information is very scarce online, they are not listed with the state and we suspect they may not be legit breeders and they are being investigated by the City of Palm Bay for not legally conducting business.

Also, we had a dane to seall, they offered to help. Thwy found a new owner, sold the dog, collected the money (Last July) nd have ben making excuse after excuse as to why they have not turned the cash over to us that they collected from the new owner 4 months ago.

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