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Gatlinburg Falls Resort

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Gatlinburg
Address 645 Hidden Valley Rd
Phone 866-972-2246

Gatlinburg Falls Resort Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2021

Gatlinburg Falls Hillbilly Hideaway Cabin Is falsely advertising. The room was unsanitary full of dust someone broke our door knob while we were out as if tring to gain entry to the room. I no longer felt safe. There was a roach infestation issue. Contact guest services they were very rude and unconcerned with all the the issues my family and I were having during our short stay. We ended up leaving early do to the bugs and safety concerns. I requested a refund several times only to be told they cant do that, during my stay they were not answering my calls until I filed a complaint online threw there facebook page. I paid 1300.00 for the cabin 2/29-3/4 I am asking for refund for those days half of what I paid each day and a full return of the "cleaning fee" the cabin had not been cleaned at all there are roach's and tons of dust in fact there was still trash on outside porch from the last guests they did not remove so we had to endure the fact that there were racoons on our porch every night knocking over the can to eat it took guest service 24 hours to come out and get trash after several request 300 dollar refund is unexceptable the 300 doesn't even cover travel expense. All I am requesting is a fair refund this place is not worth the price and fee's they are requesting it does not meet health codes nor covid regulations.

  • Aug 21, 2017

1 review in the last week I was asked to complete a virtual checkin and in the email it states you will have directions by 4pm. We were 2 hrs late getting into the cabin. The front desk staff told me it should be no big deal to wait for a few hours. My 76 year old mother and our dog had to be couped up in vehicle aince 3 am and it was 630 pm by the time we were in the cabin. We had called at 2,4,430,5 and staff did not inform us that we would be waiting this late. We finally went to the office where approximatley 20 ppl were waiting. We got into our cabin and there were electrical issues and lights not working, leaks in the cabin and it was not stocked for a family of 3 let alone 6 people. I would shop around as they appear tp have no care or regard for people who pay them thousands of dollars. Tonight I was asked by Gatlinburg Falls Resort to remove this review in leui of money or 10 percent off next year. I refused because it is IMPORTANT to know what you are getting to and I'll eat the cost based on principle.

  • Nov 30, 2015

When we got to the office there were 6 upset customers.. we were taken to an office to get away from them, and there were complaints laying on that desk.. We checked in and was sent to the cabin we reserved.. only to see someone inside!!! Damaged the back of our truck backing out of the narrow driveway...So we go back and there were 4 other upset customers that we had to wait behind to be attended to.. We were sent to another one 30 minutes away... without the video games, without the jacuzzis, with 2 Tvs that didnt work and a dryer that stopped working as soon as I used it. We lost vacation day one just running back and forth and standing in their line of upset customers, TWICE. I called to get the dryer repaired and was told 2-4 hours. I asked if there was another cabin I could just dry out wet clothes and was told NO. I asked if a housekeeper could come get our wet clothes and dry them and was told NO. There was another vacation day lost , while trying to get dryer to work and waiting on maintenace... Our Dollywood plans, shot to crap. So I dried them on the fireplace.. Overnight, little by little... only to be called at 10 am to be let known that I was to leave immediately because housekeeping was there... I asked for another hour since I was running late due to the dryer not working and the answer was NO... She gave me 30 minutes for all 5 of us to be packed and out or she was having us escorted off of the property, and she "was the manager and nothing could be done about it" ... SMH

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