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Gateway One Lending & Finance

Country United States
State California
City Anaheim
Address 160 N. Riverview Drive Suite 100
Phone (888) 810-8740

Gateway One Lending & Finance Reviews

  • Nov 9, 2016

My day was interrupted by a phone call from "one way Lenders" which I answered. It took me to a voice recording. I was instructed to stay on the line to speak with someone. I did. When the person on the other line answered, I said hello and they asked how can they help me. I told them that they had called me . They immediately hung up. When I returned the call,they heard it was me again and they hung up once again . I immediately knew it was a scam since I have also been targetted under the IRS scam, some obnoxious FBI scheme, and also that "you've won the lottery scheme". Also watch out for that Facebook "agent Norman " scheme. It is a bunch of bull craps. Don't get fooled.

  • Mar 2, 2016

In December of 2014, I purchased an 07 Lincoln Navigator vehicle from Paul Jones of Millenium auto sales in Chandler Arizona. Paul Jones decepted me in telling me that the only way I can get approved is to trade in my vehicle that I only owed $1,800 on the ballance. He said that my curren vehicle, the 2007 Chevy Malibu would still be mine, but it will show the current lender that I have a credit report free of car loans. This Paul Jones character sold me the vehicle and never got emissions test or any safety inspections done on the vehicle. I paid out of pocket for all pre sale procedures on the car in which I never got reimbursed for. I also paid Paul Jones $4,000 down. Me and my wife had both vehicles, our current one and our newly purchased car. 3 months later a tow truck pulls into my driveway and takes off with malibu. An hour later I receive a text message from Paul telling me that if I want my car back I have to give him another $2,500. He also sent numerous messages antagonizing me, my wife and my mother. He was saying in the messages that he will sell my car tomorrow and to give him the keys or he will charge me another $250 to get my car back. It wasnt my intention to trade in my car as a traded vehicle would not be still driven for 3 months by a customer. Mr Jones deceived me and this is an indivudual using the States liscensing and deceptive business practices to extort unsuspecting customers. I filed a title complaint with attorney General in my state. A detective saw the documents and sited Mr Jones for my title complaint. When officer Vasquez looked over my vehicle at Paul's dealer, the vehicle was completely clean out of the $1,500 of items me and my family had in their. Merchandise that I am still financing and having to pay for. The Chandler police would not file a police report. They kept stating that it's a civil matter when it's obviously theft by Paul Jones. He couldn't arrest him because in Arizona, no matter how a sale man deceives you into signing documents, if it was signed then the state of Arizona will not protect the consumer whatsoever. Even if an individual was a fraud victim. Officer Vasquez stated to me in a phone conversation that he believes that the Arizona does not prosecute many business owners for them committing federal financial crimes because if the business is shut down the state losses revenue. Just like the old, wild lawless southwest used to be. There is no consumer protection in Arizona.

In Jan, and after paying for Lincoln for a year went I to trade in the vehicle. The chevy dealer I took the truck to ran autocheck and carfax just find that Mr Jones had rolled back the odometer almost 90,000 miles. The vehicle I financed for 20,000 is worth less than 6,0000. I immediately contacted the lender. The only response I would get was that if I owe $900 today. I called the lender multiple times only to get sent from each line of contact back to the collections department. I told these representatives over and over that I am a fraud victim and I need help with a resolution. I have all the documents to show I was a fraud victim. After 12 or so calls to Gateway, an individual by name of Julian called me back. I explained that I worked for wells Fargo dealer services and that before we lend on a vehicle, we check the background on the vehicle to prevent out customers from being victim to dealer fraud and predetory lending. He just kept stating that that is my responsibility to check and make sure an odometer hasn't been rolled back. I informed him that it is his responsibility to compromise with their customers when they fall victim to a dealer scam. He then said that he will forward my complaint to another dept. I asked him if he can restructure the loan for what the car is worth. He said that they don't do that in this exact words. I also asked if he can send this investigation in writing. He said as well, "Naw we dont do that". Several days pass and all I get is calls from collections representatives telling me that my account is past due and to pay $900. Gateway has one office based out of California but I got numerous number from all over the country calling me. Julian never called me back. I do get a call from an individual that claimed to be an investigator. I had reason to believe he was lying about his title and I believe that he was a collections rep due to his unproffesional demeanor overy tge phone. I told him that I was disappointed in their institutions lack of consumer protection and professionalism. I also asked him why thet are so forceful to me about this situation as I am the victim.

I have lost thousands in this vehicle from the down payment, to the monthly payments and all the maintenence due to it having close to 90,000 more miles than what was reprted to me at on the documents at time of signing. He then began yelling at me telling me you need to pay $900. I told him that that was not a reasonable resolution as this car is considered a lemon. He kept saying you signed the contract, you signed a contract. He then began yelling in my ear , "were is our vehicle! Were is our vehicle! numerous times." I continued on to tell him that this vehicle has been tampered with, and is considered a junk car, and I am his customer and that this is wrong to abuse me like that without any solutions to assist me. I said that forking out more and more thousands to them over a car worth $5,000 is not a resonable solution, and that a cars mileage and odometer is a major determining factor of it's worth. In an effort to coax me into a statements, out of nowhere this man started yelling, "so you refusing to pay " were is our vehicle located!! Gateway Ones solution to a predortory loan and fraud victim by them is to keep paying it. I contacted the CFPB and filed 4 complaints about this company. When the complaint was submitted, they then sent a written response. (The only written documents they gave before were collecrions notices). They stated that the account was currently in dispute. If this is the case, why did last night around 5:30 p.m. 2/20/16, I walked out to my car to see a tow truck backing to it. I stood in between he and my car. I asked him what is he doing and to please leave. He then pulled out his tow lift lifting me as well as my vehicle into the air. I yelled at him to stop because my arm was caught in the lift mechanism. With my kids and wife screaming in terror, he then took off and smashed into a parked vehicle across the street and into a busy intersection with me on and my vehicle suspended . I yelled for him to stop and that he is going to kill me as bystanders watched.

As police saw the situation they interveined. He eventually stopped as police approached. The cops made him bring me and the vehicle down so I can get loose from the lift. Bleeding and lymping, the officers never even asked me if I needed medical attention. They told me to stay away from my own car. I told them what happens and they still let him take my car. They allowed this company hired by Gateway to strong arm me out of my car. I informed the officers that my kids schoolwork is in there and they need it for school in the morning. The tow driver told the cops if I give him the keys, then he will get my children's backpacks out of the car. I told him that I will get it out and I didn't want their hands on my children's items. He the said , have it your way Gateway One is going to charge you $200 for a new one.

I've suffered financially , me and my wife an kids have suffered emotionally over this horrible car buying experince, and now I can say that I have suffered physical abuse as well. I now have to seek medical attention over the injurys I sustained on my arm and heel of my foot is in tremendous pain. Once again having to fork out more of my money with a hospital bill creating more of a financial hardship in my dealings with Gateway One. Gateway One as well as Paul Jones collectively scammed and took me for all I have. This was all organized. I cannot get to work now as my job is 30 miles away. And my children cannot get to school.

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