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Gateway Classic Cars

Country United States
State Illinois
City Tinley Park
Address 8451 W 183rd Place
Phone 708-444-4488

Gateway Classic Cars Reviews

  • Jan 27, 2020

I am a good honest Christian person. The people at gateway classic cars are cheating people ,as is does not mean you can Lie & steal.

I ask that all good Christian people not buy from Gateway cassics,there are other cassic car places.Please ,please if we all stick together we can stop this kind of fraud.Thanks & God Bless

  • Oct 10, 2018

I paid 22K for my Classic dream truck from Gateway Classic Cars St Louis. They shipped me at my expense a truck that would not start to pull it off the hauler (2 Cells dead in battery). After I paid extra to get it unloaded at a garage they replaced the battery and got it started only to find out the radiator was overflowing with oil.

They put it on the rack and found the cross members, floor pans, and rocker panels were rusted out and rebuilt with silicone than painted black so the undercarriage would look good for the pictures. Brake cylinder including master were all bad. Steering defective. Signal lights broken.

Gateway response after I sent them pictures was sorry we are not responsible AS IS NO WARRANTY. Bottom line I have owned the truck three months and never driven It because it's not safe and I can't afford to have it fixed.

  • Jul 23, 2018

I have been looking at a 1976 corvette from gateway classic cars.

I was told all options worked with exception of the a/c .they told me it blew cool not cold.I also asked about paint told paint was fresh and shined.I asked if there was any leaks again I was told no leaks,I aslo asked about glass told no issues.they also told mr car ran out great!!!!!!

I should have spent the money and flew to see car !!!!!

I would have ran back home without car.However i wired the money in their account . 10 days later i got the car. Itsounding like a tank when they started the enginge it had a flowthu muffler!!! loud sonunds bad.

The paint looked to be at least ten years old with runs dust spots total unprofessional over spray on windows good thing windows were up interior was saved. Went to try a/c hmmmm????? did not blow at all nothing zilch nada?? looking through the drivers window whats this? A scratch 1/4 deep from wipers being operated without a blade....

take the car for a ride felt like drivng on square tires ..slat spotted...

also was huge annoying squeak. Muffler was installed incorectly hmmm? who woulda thunk. LOOK IN PERSON DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!!!!!!

  • May 24, 2017

I purchased a 1969 Plymouth roadrunner from the Indiana location of Gateway Classic Cars; they are a consignment house.

I was told on the phone that the car I found on thier website was a restored car in great condition. I must tell you that was not correct; I have driver the car all of 200 miles and have an estimate for $30,000.00 is structural repairs.I understand that I am responsible for buyiny the car but I'm sharing this story only for 1 reason.

do not purchase a vehicle where you have no recourse witht the owner.

Run away from these guys they are bad, bad, bad!!!

  • Nov 24, 2016

Contacted dealership to purchase a 1978 Bronco.

Dealer stated that the truck had undergone a complete restoration and all receipts were avaialble. After multiple conversations and repeated assurances of the condition of the unit, we decided to put an offer in and buy the Bronco. During the negotiating I decided to suspend the purchase, the manager called me and talked the Bronco up, assured me of the condition of the unit and dropped the pricing to get the deal settled.

I was supposed to get a copy of the work done as well as all the receipts. Didn't happen for 4 weeks. But they were sure to ask me multiple times through the deal to send money. " Did you send the money." " If you cold wire the money immediately that would be great." Should have been a red flag!!!!

After receiving the unit, and my first look 1200 miles away, I was completely dissatisfied. Contacted the dealer within 5 mnutes of getting it off the truck. Manger was busy. 3 days later after several calls and emails finally got him to return my call. I wasnted to return the car at my own expense but they wouldn't hear of it. Anyone who's in the car business or even my 9year old son can see this unit it is garbage.

The body was FALLING off yes, FALLING off the frame. The interior was hacked appart and piece mealed. Where there was once elctronics wires hung and went no where. The body mounts have been hacked away to fit the headers that are not the correct spec. THe "SHOW QUALITY" paint job is bubbling. The motor has a miss and was idling too fast. The spark box was removed. The steering has 3" of play in it. The rag joint was completely shot. The heater was completely disconnected and rotted out. The heater core is shot. The rears (front and back) that had been newly rebuilt was a complete lie. The front set of gears were 3:73 and rear was 4:11. No locker as described. The rear springs were so shot the truck 2" lower in the rear. The emergency brake was complete broken off, there is no brake. The frame has been cut off in the front and back. There are several other issues with the truck.

I expressed my position with the dealer and the condition of the truck that a 9 year old could have seen that the truck was NOT what was advertised and confirmed by the dealer. I wanted to send the truck back immediately at my cost or have some money for the repairs refunded to me. They said they get back to me.

I had the truck imediately to a garage when I received it and they gave me a quote of $7,500.00 to fix all the issues with the truck. $5,000 was just to make the truck safe to drive. THe dealer flat out lied to get a sale. They were very attentive when it came to closing the deal and getting their money. As soon as an issue was brought to them it was ignored.

Needless to say, I purchased the truck over a month ago and it's still at the shop getting repaired. The dealer basically left me hanging in the wind after they got their money.

  • Jun 27, 2016

I have been writing this letter to you, over the past few months, in my mind. Now I am going to put it down on paper and send it to you.

First, the subject car you sold me is nothing more then a selection of junk yard parts that were collected from other A body MOPARS and assembled on a 1967 Dart GT frame. The car was misrepresented by you and Mr. Ferguson (title owner). There is so much wrong with this car that I don't know where to start, maybe at the beginning would be the best place.

As I told you in my telephone call, there was no "over-drive unit" in the car, as YOUR dealer description noted. The glove box is also missing. A critical chrome piece that is unique to convertibles, is missing. Oh, aren't pictures just great! They can hide or obscure so many things.

And guess what! When I got the vehicle on a lift, there were the blown rear shock absorbers and the leaf springs so fatigued that they could not hold the vehicle in a correct manner when making turns.

So, new shocks have cost me $100.00. And new springs with all of the mounting gear/hardware has been around $450.00!

Oh, and about those NEW tires, they would be great if they were only the right size. The right sized tires just cost me $450.00. That way the sides would not rub on the inside of the rear fender wells. And talking about fender wells...where are the front fender well braces?

Why are the heater hoses plugged on the engine block? Is there something wrong with the heater core?

Yes, I'll agree the "chrome bumpers look great", especially the rear one because it belongs on a 1969 A Body MOPAR not this 1967. Oh, and did you know that I'll be spending an additional $500-$700 for a correct rear bumper? Of course you did, you know what these old car parts cost. I do need rear back-up lights!

None of the front fenders are correct. And the trunk lid is wrong. What wreck did these builders get them from? There are NO "GT" badges on the front grill, fenders nor on the trunk. As a matter of fact, the Trunk molding is missing. The fact is, that there are NO holes in the body/panels for the "GT" medallions to fit into!

And the brakes, yikes!!!!!!!

I love one of your comments that you made in a message to me; "This one is exceptionally clean and freshly restored including a new crate motor.".

FRESHLY: "Revived or reinvigorated".

RESTORED: "To bring back to an original or normal condition".

Well, none of that was done, except the crate motor!

Today! A new day, I rolled down the passenger window and it fell out of it's track! Well, I was going to change all of the locks anyway, because they don't work. So I'll fix the glass problem when I take off the door panels.

Well, I've grown tired of identifying and explaining all of the problems associated with this "1967 Dodge Dart GT Convertible", so I am going to just list everything wrong, damaged or MISSING;

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