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Country United States
State Florida
City Odessa
Phone 1-800-537-4283

GateCrafters Reviews

  • May 21, 2019

Bought an expensive slide gate and an electric gate opener from this outfit. Well over $2K for the whole setup. The gate was OK but the gate operator (450BD) is not. I lived part time at this location. Setup worked fine for a while, mostly it was unused. Then we had a hail storm and the cover broke exposing the electronics to water.

Circuit board failed. Had to pay for replacements as company states "hail damage not covered". Duh, this is an outdoor product. Circuit board showed up but it was the wrong kind. Cover did not show up until much later. Returned circuit board and had to resort to a dispute through the CC company to get a refund.

Company denied and resisted. Then I bought another circuit board, I found the brown fiber padded envelope laying in my driveway sopping wet. Their shipper (I think it was fedex) just threw it over the locked gate. Returned that unopened. The company denied getting it back. I had to produce the tracking info.

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