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Gary's 10 Minute Oil Change

Country United States
State Florida
City Melbourne
Address 914 N Harbor City Blvd
Phone 1 321-676-8973

Gary's 10 Minute Oil Change Reviews

  • Nov 20, 2019

"The Oil Change from Hell” From Gary’s 10 Minute Oil Change Melbourne Fl. COST OF OIL CHANGE $68.25 / THE COST TO FIX DAMAGE = $1161.49 TOTAL LACK OF COMPETENCE, FRAUD, CUSTOMER RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY AND LIED TO AND ABUSED. WOW! I took our 2012 Volvo to Gary’s 10 Minute Oil Change on the corner of Sarno and US1 on 7/10/2019 for a routine oil change prior to taking a trip to North Carolina Mountains. I have taken my cars to Gary’s in the past and the last oil change I had on the Volvo was from here ( and was NOT LEAKING) and I have never had any issues and was always treated right. I was unaware that Gary sold it to Freddy Fernandez. I pulled in and waited in waiting room as they performed the service as usual. Once done they apologized for the delay as they had to replace my oil pan plug for it was stripped? I assumed all was fine and paid and left. The next morning I noticed a NEW oil puddle on driveway under car. After inspection I notice my oil pan was leaking so I put something to catch oil. I also did an inspection under hood and found 3 plugs left under hood and checked items listed and found multiple items I was charged for were not done? I then tried to call Gary’s to speak to owner and set up an appointment to review, but no one answered after 3 attempts? Finally around 1pm I decided to drive over there and review with them my issues with the lack of items performed and look at why it was leaking oil. When I arrived there were 3 guys and I explained that I tried calling 3 times with no answer and that I would like to speak to the owner. One said the owner is not here and I asked If they would contact them so I could review the issues I have with the service i received which they said they would try and asked what my issues were? I explained to them that the service I paid for some items were not performed ( see notes on attached invoice) and that they left 3 plugs under my hood along with showing them how much oil I collected from 8am to 1pm ( see attached milk jug) and that it was leaking drip, drip, drip and the color of the oil was dark and maybe they had not changed the oil filter they charged me for? Comment from them "ahh come on guy?” AND THE NIGHTMARE BEGAN! Next they had me pull in and they started to inspect under the hood. Two guys tried putting in plug after plug fumbling around underneath for about an hour while I watched. Next one of them picked up a Tapping tool and I asked what he planned to do with it? Thread some new threads was the answer and I responded that is not the solution for what plug was going to fit it your new threads after you alter my oil pan? At that point I knew we had a problem and they had stripped out the oil pan plug so I questioned and demanded what the problem was and what the solution was going to be since neither of them were communicating with me? Next the older Hispanic man came back from the tire side and yelled at me to shut up that "he was the owner” ( he lied to me up front) and leave the premise with my car with no oil or plug. Then he told me to shut my mouth and stay in waiting room and he will fix it. I asked about how long it would take and he replied under 1 hour. So I go in and wait. At that time I looked up reviews for Gary’s 10 Minute Oil Change and found that recently they had a lot of BAD reviews and that Gary does not own it anymore. Wished I had seen these reviews before bringing it back here. Damaged vehicles, not performing all work and damaging other vehicles not GOOD. Many said they were Liars and Rip off Artists. Too late for me. About 10-15 minutes later the hispanic guy that NOW called himself the owner asked me to come inspect what he had done. He took me under the car and had them start the engine to show me the NEW shiny plug and wiped clean area and say "see not leaking” so with that I left not pleased. On the way home I had an uneasy feeling about my experience and decided to take the car and ask if they would perform an inspection of my oil change and opinion on if it is safe? If my oil plug fell out on our trip the oil would drain and my engine would seize and we would be stranded on the side of the road. NOT GOOD I pulled into Solar Lube in Satellite Beach and asked if they would perform a check on the oil change I just received and explained all that went on at Gary’s 10 Minute Oil Change. They were receptive to taking a look and see what was going on. I pulled the car in and they reviewed my invoice. They had me look under the car and YES the oil was leaking again from the oil pan from Gary’s to Satellite Beach ( Nice FIX?). They also mentioned it did not have the oil plug seal on it. They reviewed that they would need to drain and perform another Oil change which they gave me a price and I agreed. They drained oil, inspected air filter had not been touched or inspected, oil filter had not been touched as there were no greasy fingerprints on it and after removing they found the OLD dirty filter was still there!( see attached photo of filter) and they replaced it. Gary’s ripped me off charging me for a new filter they did not replace. They said the plug would only bite on last two threads and they could not tighten with oil lug RING on it and it still was leaking so they came to the conclusion that they could not let me travel like that and the plug fall out. The VERY helpful guy said he will have to go to the auto parts place to find me a solution to my problem and he took off. About 1/2 hour later he returned with an expandable rubber plug and said this would be better than risking that plug but was not a permanent solution and the only way to fix it would be to replace with NEW oil pan, seal, plug and plug seal. They fixed me up and I paid them $100.53 for the BAD oil change and the plug, they did not charge me for all the extra time. ( see attached receipt) I would highly recommend this company they were helpful, explained everything and were truly concerned for me. So we head to the NC mountains for the week. Yea, but stressed out. On the way up there I check oil several times and before heading back I had to put one quart of oil in for what had leaked out. Drove 12 hours back and got back around 12:30 pm, did not unpack and went to sleep. The next morning I started unpacking and saw that the driveway had LOTS of fresh oil on it. ( see attached photo) check the oil and lost about 5 quarts???? Went to put something under the car to catch anymore oil and just tapped the rubber plug and it fell out and all the oil drained out. Put plug back in and hand tightened and put 7 quarts of new oil in again.

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