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Ganley Chevrolet, Inc.

Country United States
State Ohio
City Brook Park
Address 13865 Brookpark Rd,
Phone 1 216-586-5804

Ganley Chevrolet, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 9, 2020

Shameful-the only way to describe Ganley Chevrolet. Their sneaky and suspect behavior is despicable. There is not one man in the bunch-only sneaky, sleazy slugs. All are devoid of conscience or an ounce of humanity.

They took out 5 loans in my name for the same car and included a warranty which I told them repeatedly to take off-they always refused. I told them to cancel the sale and give me my old car back. They said they destroyed the car-no way home. Blackmailed into buying the car just to get home.

All 5 loans were approved because I have always maintained excellent credit-they destroyed that. I quickly traded in that car and got another just to stop them from taking out loans in my name. I still kept getting letters from several banks that they kept applying to. What a truly twisted thing to do-but this exposes how small and stinking they operate.

Even if you walk by this place-get a vaccine to protect yourself from them. Not one time did I ever see 1 employee where a mask as instructed by officials. They will steal your money and your health. They did so many unfair/unethical things to me-I had a Stroke. Even though I got rid of their car-I will pay for their actions for ever.

I tried from day one to cancel the warranty I did not want but they included on the loans. The warranty company canceled it twice-but Ganley did not forward the money to me. It wasn’t till I contacted the warranty company and I pointed out they had sent Ganley 2 checks-and they kept the money. They know better-but with no morals, they never do the right thing.

The employees that work at Ganley do so because no one else will have them. They know nothing about customer service, honesty or integrity. Don’t go there-don’t give them a chance to have a job. Just keep your fingers crossed that all of their families are subjected to the disgusting, evil treatment they give out. Stay happy and healthy-STAY AWAY FROM GANLEY!

  • Jul 28, 2020

I saw a car online at Ganley Chevrolet. I went, test drove it and liked it. When they asked how much I wanted to spend a month I told them as close to $100 a month. I am severely disabled and on a fixed/very low income. I just need a car to get back and forth to the doctor and drug store. I didn’t want anything fancy-not new or pristine-just good, basic transportation.

They said I could get it for $110 a month and sent me back to their finance guy-Jack Laraway. That is where the problem started-and continued. He pushed me into getting a service contract which brought the monthly total to $128.33 a month. I would be pushing it but agreed-this ONE time to get it. The car is 8 years old and was trying to protect myself. This loan was approved through Huntington Bank.

A weak later he called me back and stated I had signed the old title in the wrong place I financed my last car that was also 8 years old, had a service contract and I was on disability and they were so impressed with my credit rating and the way I paid my bills they gave me an immediate $116 a month loan. I never got any explanation about Huntington or that it was going to Key Bank-if I had- I might have gotten some better benefits-I used to work at Key but with no communication from the dealer-nothing mattered. Sneaky is there way to work at Ganley

I feel this was an extreme form of IDENTITY THEFT! I had also asked for my old car back-but was told it had been destroyed-so I had to sign the new loan-still needed a car to get home-pure Blackmail!

I then got a call from yet another finance person Cody Dezsi and he promised to lower the price of the car $800 to help make up for the mess Jack had made. This would have made the car price-sticker price $5594 - down payment $500.00 - $800 – promised reduction to starting finance price $4294.00. This also did not happen and I had even written it down for him to confirm I had it right and he said yes. We went over the papers and he got the new loan-also at Key-down to a monthly payment of $127.82 which I appreciated but feel it would have been less if he had taken off the over $1533 warranty service contract and less the $800 as he had stated-he refused again. After I got home I wanted to give him the benefit of doubt-thought he deducted the $800 in a broken down way. I called and asked him some questions and he was just annoyed saying he explained everything the day before. After 4 strokes it takes me a while to go through what he said quickly the day before and I reviewed all that he claimed he explained. The monthly pmts were down, but the sales contract was wrong in a variety of ways. Never showed the $800 deduction and still would not take off the unwanted warranty contract. If he could manipulate all the numbers and interest rate-why would he not do the right thing and remove the warranty contract? I also had him note on all other sales docs, so they didn’t all go through and rob me some more.

I took the car to 2 independent mechanics that both said it needed control arm replacements. The Used Car Manager asked me why I did that, I told him after all their suspicious actions to this point-I felt it necessary. I contacted the service contract people (Fidelity Warranty) and was told this part(s) would not be covered under the contract sold to me anyway. Based on the consistent treatment I received- I have a feeling nothing would be covered-ever. Instead Used Car Manager Mark Fogliano said I could bring it in and their mechanics would check it. After all the lies and deceit I did not feel I could believe anyone at Ganley so I did not take it. I had also ordered an owner’s manual over 4 wks ago-never got it. Another lie. Never got it!

It seems standard practice for Ganley to lie, cheat and steal from the customer as well as business associates! You would think with the crisis the PANDEMICWORLD is in, they may actually try and do the right thing-be grateful to have a customer. Instead-Jack does the wrong thing and all the others continue to follow him- like sheep. He doesn’t respect the fixed income-but he will one day-and I hope when he does he experiences a similar situation as he has dumped on me. No worker at this dealership ever worn a mask or gloves to protect the customer even though the governor said it should be done. They don’t appreciate that they were allowed to stay open/are employed or that they could get a sale-they are the worst of the worst in car sales. I read only one social media web sight and in 5 minutes saw 3 pages of bad reviews. Not only do they treat women badly, but the disabled and even veterans. I don’t know how such un-American business like this stays in business. My experience with the employees at Ganley was disgusting and disturbing-but they are Ganley employees which encourages me to worn all others not to do business at any Ganley dealership-ever. I know I’ll never be back.

I already got a bill from Key Bank-in the wrong amount of coarse-so who knows what else they did to screw this up. I have seen commercials on TV stating their customers would not receive a bill for 90 days-not GANLEY-right away and wrong too!

It also makes me sick to ride around with GANLEY ads on my car because who knows how long it will take to get a title so I can put my plates on again. I certainly don’t want to advertise for free for such a low level dealership-especially after they caused enough distress to me to have a stoke with all their awful actions..

I truly hope you can find something in my experience and all those shown on the social media website, that you can make them accountable for all their suspicious actions. People deserve better and hopefully you can warn people somehow-maybe on your website.

Thank you for your consideration.

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