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Galaxy Allstars

Country United States
State Virginia
City Rockville
Address 2305 Commerce Center Drive
Phone 804-295-4666

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  • Jul 7, 2019

The gym owner is Ashley vertino. The business license for this cheer gym is under Jordan Bernacki. The email for galaxy is [email protected], phone numbers 804-295-4666 and 804-931-2277. There are several things going on with this cheer gym.

There were fundraisers done where the girls were promised awards for top sellers, see attachments for back backs where top sellers were to get pizza party thay never happened. Krispy cream donuts top seller hotel party that never happened, gabi butler experience funds were to go to goochland county and did not and did not have permission to use goochland county public schools as a fundraiser.

The names were never announced as for winners, the venue was moved with no notification and funds never went to GCPS as stated in advertisement. Was handled very shady. Where did these funds go to? These are just examples. These are being investigated by goochland police and commonwealth attorney in goochland.

The gym was originally on Lanier lane in Rockville. There is an active lawsuite with this landlord. See attachments that show law suit. The landlord is David harlow with harlow properties, 804-749-8443. She broke the contract there not paying for several months of rent jumping to a new gym around the corner from the Lanier lane one on commerce center drive with Superior contractors 804-378-4400.

The gym moved to the spot with superior contractors in may. She write the landlord a 13,000 dollar back check causing her to get locked out the gym. Meanwhile she is telling parents there was a gas leak causing the gym to close. It was confirmed with superior contractors that there was no type of any type of gas leak what so ever to that property. She has told parents in messages (see attachments) that she is in dispute with the landlord for construction from the gas leak, which is not true.

She has told parents several times the gym will be opening at a new location across from midnight brewery but no exact date or address given. That latest update was sent in email stating it will open at a new location across from midnight brewery after 4th of July. Today is July 8th and still no date or address. All equipment is lacked inside the commerce center address by the land lord holding the equipment until the money is paid. Parents and the children have no idea what Is going on.

Many parents have paid for the 2019 to 2020 season in advance to take advantage of the 10 to 20 percent discount given pending when they signed up. Many parents had to pay 400 dollars before tryouts in may. Parents being told tuition will not be refunded due to tuition is non refundable when parents have said they will not be returning due to not knowning what's going on with the gym.....the gym has not be open for business, so how can you keep people's money when there is no gym?

Employees working and never getting paid or lied to about going to be an employee and never given paychecks or paperwork to be an employee In which they were led on, or given checks that would bounce then lie to parents why these coaches left the gym. This goes back for 3 years. Some of these employees were minors who were taken advantage of.

These are being investigated by goochland county police and goochland county commonwealth attorney. There were comps paid for in season 2018 to 2019 that were cancelled that parents paid for. That was 2 comps paid for that were never rescheduled to be made up nor were parents reimbursed. There was 1 comp in altoona pa that the teams were Invited to and supposedly paid for by the gym. That was not counted as a make up comp.

Parents were told with the first comp in November that according to usasf had to be released from prior gyms to compete in comp. We were told that the gyms had not released these kids so the teams could not compete. According to usasf, if you are under a level 5 team you do not need a release. So where did these funds go to? That should have never been cancelled. Parents were lied to and kids were let down. See email regarding this in. November 2018.

There were fees that were supposed to be paid to usasf last year and a rep from usasf had to message her telling her to pay them the fees for athletes and coaches that were paid to the gym owed to them. Parents were told they had to get a new uniform for us finals that was going to be for the 2019 to 2020 season. Parents were told this and not asked if ok. Parents either had to pay 210 for the uniform or 100 deposit which 50 would be returned after worn for us finals.

The girls never got the uniforms to wear for us finals and funds were never returned to parents that paid just a deposit. Still to date no uniforms given and no money returned. Channel 6 news aired a piece earlier this year regarding Ben Jones , a coach that took innapropiate liberties with girls. Ashley the owner claimed no knowledge of his behavior and had back ground checks on all employees.

She knew months before and knew he was being investigated by usasf and still had him him the gym. See attachments. She lied to parents and the news as to her knowledge. She allowed the preditor around the girls knowing what he was doing. There are so many people in the community and surrounding areas that have been done wrong by this gym/gym owner. Not all victims know. That's why it needs to get out there and for them to contact goochland of given bad checks and /or owed money weather it was as an employee or parent.

Also just to make the community of this gym owner that she is a scam artist and does not cate about the loss even though she acts like she does. She keeps telling people the gym is opening at a new location and never tells parents where location is. Parents paid for summer camps and when showed up, gym was locked and closed She will not return Calls for repayment.

We parents have been lied to so much and never given answers only lies after lies She created lies and drama that is emotionally abusive to the kids and parents. Always uses profanity to the kids

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