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Gadi Avrahami

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 304 North Federal Highway
Phone 561-239-5440

Gadi Avrahami Reviews

  • Nov 3, 2016


Please stay away from this person. He claims to be a high end contractor that specializes in high end homes. Yes, he speciaizes in high end homes, but when he is done with them they are close to being worth NOTHING. This man claimed to be the best in the Boca Raton, Highland Beach area. He has done so much damage to my home that I cannot even begin to explain how inept he is and how unskilled he is. My tiles were not level. I had two people trip and fall in my home while he attempted to fix the problem by stepping on the tiles and putting extra weight on them. The plumbing was a nightmare. There was no water pressure coming through the showers nor any of the two bathrooms that he attempted to renovate.

After doing some research, it turns out that he does not hold a General Contractor license and has attempted to take the exam 4 times and has failed each one.

This is incredible. He portrayed himself as such a distinguished man and it turns out that he doesnt even have an office. He has an old wooden desk with a sign and phone which he rents space from a business by the name of Grand Interiors International, LLC. As it turns out, he uses this other company to get referral work and then attempts to renovate homes by using the furniture and fixtures that this company offers. The furniture is extremely expensive and of very poor quality. We purchased a recliner in addition to many other pieces which were protrayed to be high end european furnishings and turned out to be made in china.

This man is a con artist. I do not have words to express how bad it is. In addition, he charged me $79,450 for the work and did not back up with any guarantee. I had spend an additional $57,236.22 just to fix the damages caused upon me.

STAY AWAY - I hope other people that are victims come forward soon. This man needs to be brought to justice. He is plain evil and does not care about his work quality only about putting money in his pocket. Shame on him.

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